St Athan - No Military Instrs?

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by PoisonDwarf, Jan 17, 2008.

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  1. I was at a meeting recently where the Metrix Consortium were quoted as saying that they will have absolutely no military trade training instructors in St Athan. They say that there's nothing that our NCOs currently teach that they can't deliver!

    Cheeky feckers or what?! What about confirmatory exercises and suchlike? What do we think?
  2. Oh, so they are going to run 4 Sqn aswell?

    Who is going to do all the duties?

    Are they going to do the Troop Screws/Sgts/OC's job?

    And obviously, they are going to repair all broken kit.

    Fcukin Tossers, let them try it and see how long it takes for them to fcuk it up. :x
  3. Can not answer this one as I don't know who 4 Sqn are.

    The military are, they are only saying the military will not do trade training. It will still be a military establisment, with military personnel. The military will do all the normal (military type things) things, but hand over the little darlings to the civvys to do training and when the training is finished the civvys will hand the little darlings back to the military.

    This already happens with basic driver training at DST Leconfield

    See above

    Yes, they will employ people who used to do the job in green to do the job in civvys. Who will then train other civvys to do the job.

    Not long I hope. Then hopefully the MOD will never go down the PFI route again.
  4. Okay, all fair points raggyavn.

    Somethings just jumped out. Costcutting.

    It is cheaper to employ civvies than say a Cpl/Sgt/SSgt.

    That is how they are planning to do it.

    I still think they will fcuk it up though.
  5. dont you lot read the papers do you remember the civie firm who was given the contract to fix the raf s tornado fleet they f*uked em up big style the raf had to fix all there crap engineering if you pay peanuts you get monkeys
  6. No different to giving the BOWMAN Training contract to Westlands/VT Land and we all know how well that worked out! :?

    OK, that was a bit of a generalisation and there were some good instructors out there but the majority were toss who were completely stuffed when they got asked "What if ..?" questions by the class. It should be mil instructors all the way because they have the requisite depth of knowledge from experience mostly gained from an operational theatre.

  7. I've been on a trade related course on a new bit of kit, where, instead of being taught by the manufacturer who obviously knew the kit inside-out, a third party civvy training company had to go learn the kit to pass the training onto us.

    It was absolutely dog-poo. The week long course could have been done in two days because the 'instructors' didn't know enough to tell us that would pad it out to the full week.

    Result: 16 places on the course mostly wasted. We could have learned more by reading the manual for a week 8O

    Hope St. Athan doesn't go the same way 8O
  8. Nail on head springs to mind

    True, as a civvy working for the MOD. I can confidently say my wages will not reach the same level as when I was serving for a least the next 10 years.

    As a civil servant and Ex Military. I hope so
  9. At a meeting at our place Metrix dont want any of us [civvies] as they can recruit in wales.
  10. was talking to one of the civ instructors at blandford the other day on this actually and in regard to pay, he says that although in terms of simulated rank - captain - he was getting similar pay to that of a lance jack..

    judging by how some of the true-civies teach compared to the ex-serving and NCO's, not hard to see the corrolation (dont get me wrong, there are some good civ instructors)
  11. agreed but some bad ones. we are cheaper but ex mil care more
  12. the bit I am worried about is most of the training is computer based. that will be really handy to have somebody trained to "click button to remove engine" and doesnt know one end of a spanner from an ice pick.

    total screw up. thank god I wont be in to see teh end result.