SSSA / SSFA - How much is being spent??

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by top_soldier, Sep 18, 2010.

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  1. Given the recent news that one colleague is living in a six bedroom barn (at £2300 per month) and that another has just moved into a 2 bed flat in Camberley (at £1200 per month), is it time this was stopped??

    The cost now far exceeds what it would take to build or buy new accomodation, there is military land all over the place which could be used for new builds (four bed house at £140,000) and I for one am sick of watching the SSSA assignment watchers (seek jobs where there is no accomodation iot get continued SSSA) rake in the cash!!!!

    And before you ask, yes, I have had it in the past but, given current financial constraint, surely there is another way??

    Rant over
  2. So you were happy for the system to spend large amounts of cash when you were getting the benefit, but now you are not getting it you want it stopped? Is your real name Jack?
  3. Boofuckinghoo, like stacker said, now you haven't got it your teddies firmly in the corner.
    Personally I couldn't really give a shit about it, once again the Govt and MOD fucked up and are now paying the (high) price but for once it's actually benefitting the blokes? I hope it goes on forever because there are plenty of freeloading ***** in this country that are getting alot more for doing a lot less, so maybe start with them first on your little boohoo crusade.
  4. I gues I'm interested because currently there is an annual spend in excess of £50,000,000 on SSSA - am I bitter because I now don't get it? Not really, but then when I got it it was only for 6 months and I didn't really see it as a good thing.......... would rather have had my family with me.

    Back to the point however - we SHOULD be interested in where our taxes are spent...........I certainly am!!!
  5. I am entitled to SSSA and have been placed in the Mess, the mess is substandard not fit for an asylum seeker, I have to pay for a tv licence even though there is no signal or connections in the room, all my stuff that Ihave to bring in 1157 and such like does not fit in the room and is spread to the four winds. The room is extremely tiny and the site where I am housed is miles from my place of work, I had to do this job unaccompanied as Mrs A does not want to leave her house, is finishing her degree and mortgage is to high to give up blah blah.

    I am entitled to it but have not been given it, thus I am being fucked about, my car even with HDT is falling apart from the substantial mileage, my standard of living has dropped and I am living with SNCOs that are not exactly welcoming to someone outside of their unit being in their mess, plus the mess manager a blue rinsed remploy ex stasi RTI/TQ instructor will insist on pissing me off.

    A flat on the other hand close to where I work will save me mileage on my car, somewhere to store my kit, not fall asleep at the wheel driving back to the mess, work longer hours without finding a cold dinner in the mess, and have some quality of life. possibly have Mrs A over, A washing machine that actually effing works, not having to walk semi naked around the corridors to have a shower. Have a desk/table to do work my MA course of and have some quality of life not living like Francis of Assisi, possibly have a patio too so aforementioned mess manager can be buried under. Not having to phone another unit RSM on why I did not attend his bloody mess meeting, HTFWITK?

    So dont denigrate those of us who have worked for bloody years who require SSSA its not a effing perk to me its a quality of life that I need before my welfare suffers any further.

    PS WO1 ******** **** talk to me like a twat again in your mess you jumped up hemmoroid and i will stick your effing pace stick up your arse (located where your mess entourage/clique like to stick there noses)

    God I am fuming
  6. SSSA is a requirement and I don't see the problem with it, FIA on the other hand I struggle with. If you're a big enough boy or girl to live in a flat on your own surely you can control your own money enough to buy and cook your own food? It is a perk though and I would never say something like that to anyone higher than me despite the fact it is unlikely I will ever be entitled to it.
  7. Correct.

    There is not enough accommodation at a certain garrison, should have built more blocks before Goojerat was knocked down.

    The annoying thing is big money is being made by some people for this incompetence at the expense of the tax payer.
  8. Armadillo - No way should you be being forced to buy a TV licence, particularly if you can't get a signal !

    The bill for SSSA is a disgrace, its down to past MOD f*ck-ups and the selling off of accommodation for peanuts that its happening and yes, there is now a purge on to try to get the bill down. At the same time a lot of mess accommodation is shite, a lot of SFA is shite or empty or both.... DE please sort, more flexibility required ! Head of DE, how about a Resignation, your organisation is a disgrace.

    Some of the NCOs in my unit are in SSSA due to a lack of Army accn locally - but the RAF have a GBFO Mess 20 minutes drive away that is empty most of the time. We can't use it "because we might need it" according to the Crabs. Bollix.

    Overall though, our expectations of claims and allowances are getting pretty insane and SSSA is a good example. If the individual was back with their parent unit they'd be in a small room in the mess, so the bleats I hear about having to share two bedroom flats and "what do I do if mates/kids/GF come to stay" are a bit thin. What would you do in the Mess ? Likewise the expectation of £5 MIE on top of Subsistence for every overnight, when its highly unlikely that anything like that was actually spent, except on beer. Sorry gentlemen but we can hardly complain about the MPs when we rip the piss out of expenses an'all !
  9. As far as I am concerned if a few people are making a buck or two good for them, it will be more than compensated for by the shite quarters I had for years - Guillemont Fields springs to mind as well as Hunter Road, Cove. And the years I was ripped off by the army for travelling thousands of miles in my own car delivering military kit and being told I couldn't claim mileage allowance and then being posted four times in two years and being told that I had to live in the mess in Aldershot and could only claim go home to Chatham once a month or move my family (taking my daughter out of school yet again) and when I did move my family the ***** posted me back to Chattenden - the fifth move in two years. Whingeing? No I am not. Just saying that its roundabouts and swings. It wont be costing anything like as much as the MP's and their bloated expenses anyway, nor as much as all the Sharons with multi coloured kids in free housing and benefits.

    edited to add that if anyone doesn't like my lack of punctuation, here are a couple of commas to stick up yer bum! ,,
  10. so its not just me then suffering, its not right is it. My blood pressure has finally got down, I have gone home for leave, think I have got agoraphobia due to the immense space in my bathroom compared to the mess cupboard I normally live in...
  11. I totally agree witht the requirement for SUITABLE accomodation for all..............

    What pisses me off is that we have spent over £200,000,000 in the past four years which could have been put up front to build en-suite flats etc by the score on MOD land within garrisons. Surely, someone out there can see the sense in building additional travel-lodge style buildings across the UK to accomodate soldiers and officers who cannot get a room in the all ready full messes.

    As I travel across the UK I find huge expanses of MOD land where these types of building could be placed (inside the wire) and where a real quality of life could be assured.............feck me - give most people on here £200,000,000 and they would do the job themselves........

    Another thing - why are so many people keeping large houses in the Warminster/Larkhill/Upavon area whilst also getting SSSA for a swanky flat in town?????
  12. It's because it comes from different budgets; imagine how much could be saved in Bath/Bristol alone if we'd built a "super-mess" there for Abbey Wood. Unfortunately, it would require a capital spend, which is never popular, and instead we make an in-year spend on SSSA/FIA. Mainly treasury-driven, utterly barking, and politically necessary.
  13. So where are the SSSA super guess is that London, Bath, Birmingham and Glasgow add up to a tidy sum.......??
  14. TS, spot on on this one. Its the usual inability of "the system" to see that spending a few bob on s flexible solution now will save squillions in the future. The latest nonsense I've had is that they cannot put more than 1 individual in a "misappropriated" quarter because it then becomes a "house in multiple occupancy" and they cannot afford the cost of the changes required by fire regs. Well F*ck me, a lot of civvy landlords seem to manage it for student accommodation and still make a profit.
  15. Seems fairly straightforward to me - the money for projected builds needs to include the next five years of SSSA and SSFA cash - then build another 2,000 bed spaces and 500 married quarters using the money. Oh....................and make those who work in town and have an MSQ in the country get the train!!!!! All other city types manage this with no trouble (and they too work late/start early).