Recently found out that there is no accommodation at my new posting in the north of england. I have been told to apply for SSSA which i have done. How does the process work, when can i expect to be contacted to view different options. Can you look at places yourself and if they fit in the right price bracket make the suggestion that they would be suitable. I am being posted to a fairly rural area and will be on my own however my girlfriend will be living with me quite a bit and due to the nature of the job, working on my own i will likely to be entertaining a fair bit.

i would prefer to pay a bit extra myself and get a small cottage as opposed to the army supplying a small flat.

thanks for the help
There used to be a limit of £XYZ amount, you were then given 3 choices with the designated agent. However if you could find your own place for cheaper then they let you do that. Shacking up with your chick is frowned on, if you get a 2 bedroom then you will be expected to accept that another soldier will move in at some point and they will prob be pissed if your missus is cutting around using all the clean towels.
I lived in SSSA for my last few years. The allowance was approx £560 (rank dependant) a month for rent. I paid a monthly stipend of about £55 or so because the rent was slightly more - brand new flat in a very nice village, sea views etc. You should be offered more than one property to accept - I wasn't but only because there wasn't any more available. The army will pay all utility bills, TV licence and phone line installation (if required) and monthly line rental. You pay for calls, broadband/SKY etc. You'll also get a monthly living allowance and fuel paid from flat to work.

I actually offered to stay in an old farm cottage literally in the middle of nowhere (rent was ridiculously low) because I hate people but there are certain criteria the dwelling has to meet - phone line, washing drying facilities, safe working kitchen, electrics, plumbing etc and has to be close to bus routes etc in case you have to pauper it into work. I basically used it as a mega bachelor pad come holiday cottage for the kids and wife during leave periods.

Basically, cheers easy!

Edited to add - if you pay the monthly stipend you do not have to share, the flat is yours and yours only.
I'm in SSSA and share with another squaddie, it's ok but be prepared for a bit of give and take when you want your bird, boyfriend, family round. TBH it's cheers easy everything paid for except phone bill and Sky and also get about £350 per month FIA and GYH.
Nowt more infuriating than when ur muckers in SSSA & you're stuck in the Mess! I lived in a box room while my 2 colleagues lived in 2 bedroom brand new flats 10 mins down the road. I paid full whack food & accom only qualifying for GYH, while these singly Seniors lorded it up on superstar wages while one had her civvy BF living with her. Grrrr
How long after filling in the applications can you expect to hear from the agent?

Also if I was to rent my own place am I entitled to the food and fuel allowances?
How long after filling in the applications can you expect to hear from the agent?

Also if I was to rent my own place am I entitled to the food and fuel allowances?

The whole process took me 3/4 weeks from submitting the paperwork, however I suppose that can vary depending on your location etc. Can't help with your second question.

Edited to add: why would you rent your own place if your unit are prepared to put you in SSSA? Also if you are going on the over 37 package it's even better.
And HTD is for what, how much is it?
Home to Duty is help with the cost of fuel from err home to place of duty, it will barely cover your fuel costs. All depends on circumstances but if they're offering to put you in SSSA I'd go for that, why rent your own place at tremendous cost.

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