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Moved into SSSA a year and a bit ago, Got called to the pay office the other day to tell me that during an audit they found out I had not been paying accommodation and a volountary contribution since occupancy! I semi agreed as when I spoke to them they said did you not check your pay statement, well yes but only my bank amount!!

Now I have started accomm charges but what will happen ref the rest? I would think they may say I have to pay it back but I would arue that it was not all my fault but a clerical error when signing the paperwork and them submitting it to APC!!!!

I am probably on a hiding to nothing here but any hepl or advice welcome( Also the usual man up and get on with it etc etc) which I know will be incoming.

Probably going to be out of luck here, you're not really in a different position to those guys who don't pay enough in the block or quarters and when it's found out have to pay it back, usually at 3 days pay a month. On the bright side though your FIA should cover it meaning you'll only be able to live like a prince instead of a king for a few months. The last statement's pure jealousy by the way.
Yes it is a Clerical error, however, all Pers have a responsibility to check their Monthly pay statement (not bank account) to ensure it is correct. If not it is upto you to inform the RAOs Dept (they are dealing with 500+ Pers) and inform them.

The same happened to me but luckily I caught it early, the longer you ignore it hoping it will go away the more you have to reimburse!
Alfe Garnett's Commando's, will hound you like the dog you are, ermmm something like that. Honestly mate, they'll take it all back!

Cheers all, Just been in today and it looks like I am going to be lucky and not have to pay it. Thank god for the RAOWO!!! I owe him. On another note are singlies entitled to the over 37 package? in any way.

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