SSSA clarification/confusion


I'm being posted soon to a unit that has SSSA in lieu of SLA. I have moved down to the area with my girlfriend and found a nice house to rent just around the corner from my new place of work. Can I still move into SSSA accommodation legally or am I committing fraud?

Why would you want to move in to SSSA if you have found a place were you can legally be with your girlfriend?

However, if for instance you were to "live" in the SSSA throughout the week and travel to your girlfriends rented accommodation and stay the odd occasional night there is nothing that the military could do about that as long as you follow the rules for occupying the SSSA.

As you are not married there is very little difference between you living on camp and going to stay at your girlfriends on the "odd" occassion however if the rental agreement for the other place is in your name you could find yourself in the brown sticky stuff.
I take it you mean you have found a house on your own and not used HCR to find the house for occupation on SSSA? If so the licence agreement on either found by you or HCR is still the same. your girlfriend is only entitled to stay over on a set number of days per calendar year I do not know the set number of days off the top of my head.
Your SSSA accommodation will rarely be just for you either.

If you have another serviceman move in, he may become pissed off very quickly with your girlfriend as part of the inventory.

Unless of course you let him have the occasional go on her.

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