SSSA Charges

Hi, I have recently moved into SSSA and have to pay a personal contribution towards the rent! If I am paying this do I have to still pay the grade 2 accommodation charge? Ifyes or no where would i find the info JSP 464 does not give me any details!



War Hero

PC is for occupancy for personal reasons. Are you above entitlement or occupying for personal reasons?

You should pass this up the CoC.
Have got single occupancy for reasons of unsociable hours and not to disturb any other occupant. I am above my rank rate in rent but not in accommodation style!!!


The style of the accomodation will not matter. If you are in an entitlement above that of your rank, through your own choice, you will pay extra and grade 2 accom - unless the Unit have put you in SSSA and that is the only SSSA available. If this is the case then you should go and talk it through with the RAO staff. JSP 464 Part 3 is the relevant JSP that can give you direction - you can access from work or on armynet.

i hope this helps - feel free to pm me if you want to ask any other questions.