Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 11D, Mar 7, 2006.

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  1. 11D

    11D Old-Salt

    Can anyone help please.......?

    I am currently under the SSSA scheme with an Accn Allowance of £550 per month for rent on a civilian flat. Also getting the £14ish a day FIA.

    Paying back normal Food and Accn charges as well.

    If I get married, what entitlement equivalent am I entitled to? Obviously I would loose the FIA. Is there a similar allowance as SSSA for married personnel? If so what are the rates and where can I find them? I am informed by the CO I am entitled to a Type 4 quarter.


    I also understand I will have to pay my utilities. Is Council Tax the same rate as civvies?

    Hope someone can help. Have been trawling the armynet for answers, but to no avail.

    :?: :?: :?:
  2. You should apply to DE for an MQ as usual, if there are none available they should give you SSFA (Subsistute Service Family Accommodation) ie a hiring. You will pay normal MQ charges and CILOCT.
  3. 11D

    11D Old-Salt


    THanks very much for the reply. Do you know how much SSFA is??
  4. 11D...if i was you...postpone the wedding until you're'll be much better off!
    you stand to lose:

    FIA £420 (14x30)
    accn allowance £550
    - F&Acc approx £250
    = £720,

    plus then you'll be paying MQ charges , varies but around £300pcm + CILOT c. £95pcm

    therefore, in reality, you'll be around £900pcm worse off, say you're mid tour with around 12 months to run,

    thats a wopping £10k you'll potentially save!

    if your that desperate, move your chick into your flat - but make sure she doesn't make it her primary residence, ie. she's a visitor, perfectly legal!

    Being allocated a hiring is similar to depends on what rank how many kids etc.

    you will pay MQ charges for your hiring at the going rate + a flat CILOT rate.
  5. SSSA (FIA) is going down to a single rate of £10.69 per day for married or single pers on April 1st.

  6. Don't forget utility bills and in most cases the telephone line. Stay single if you can!!
  7. true...i believe you can even scam your phone line out of the system if you live in SSSA
  8. believe you stop paying food charges too though - was designed to make it all less compicated. so not much worse off.
  9. 11D don't worry about financial amounts thats all down to DE.