I am a thirty five year old Australian, studying in Europe. I'll be finishing my degree, next year, on exchange in Britain. I will possibly remain in Britain, for a while, after graduating, if I can find a job.

If I get a good enough job, I plan to join the TA. However, I have recently become aware of the British Army's SSRE programme. The opportunity to be deployed with in a year interests me greatly. I would be willing to devote a year of my life to that. I am getting on, a bit, and signing up for four, or however many, years with the regular Australian or British Army doesn't interest me anymore as I'm trying to construct a career for myself. Also, I doubt I'd get in to either due to my age.

After having done a bit of research, I have only found evidence of 4PARA participating in the SSRE scheme. I am quite fit. If I was eligible for 4PARA am confident that I can meet, or exceed, their fitness requirements given the 6+ months I'll have to train before I get to Britain. However, I'll be 36 be the time I get to Britain and 4PARA's website states you must be under 33 to join them. Does anyone know how flexible they are about this? By the way, I have no prior military experience.

Presumably, given the length of the RM's recruit and initial employment training they would be unable to participate in SSRE programme. However, I presume there would be some Regular Army Regiments participating through their TA battalions. Is this correct? If so, which regiments/ battalions? Would many people doing SSRE through non Parachute Regiment units of the army be getting deployed?
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