SSRE and time off work

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Pedz, Jul 24, 2009.

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  1. Hi all,

    i'm currently training to join 4 para and have the chance to do the 8 week SSRE course.

    I work for DWP and would normally be allowed special paid leave to attend all the weekend courses if i chose to do the training that way but i would prefer to get the 8 week course to get the benefit of the extra fitness and more intensive training.

    What i wanted to know is if anyone else had any knowledge or experience of this situation and if it would be likely i would get the leave in 1 lump rather than spreading it out over the weekends? it works out roughly the same amount of days. i have spoken to my boss who said it will need to be passed up the line to confirm i just wondered if anyone had tried this before and if so what was the outcome?

    Sorry for the long post, couldnt think of a way to condense it and still make (some) sense.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. lucky git
    i'm too fat & far away to try at the moment
    (but watch this space!)

    depending on how long you've been with dwp
    you might be able to swing an unpaid 'career break' type thing
    under the new work life balance scheme(2006 or something)
    mainly for familes, but a lot of 'enlightened' employers allow singlies to use it too

    get on the t'intraweb & check on monday
    and good luck :D
  3. Err, if you work for DWP, surely you wouldn't normally be working weekends anyway, so what makes you think they'll let you piss off for 8 weeks paid?

    Would you be paid by 4 para as well?
  4. Unluckily for me i have the odd saturday in my contract, i asked and was told special leave would be allowed for these and the 3 week (inc P company) course at the end.

    I've told my managers i'm more than willing to use any holidays and flexi time i have but would still need about 5 weeks. Thought it was worth a try.

    Nebapneb - Been in DWP for just over 4 yrs now. In work now having a quick look through for info, cheers.

    Counterstrike - Not asked about being paid by 4 Para, didnt think to ask to be honest. Might make a difference if i do and can ask for unpaid leave from work.
  5. DWP ( if they follow the rules set by HR) allow, at line managers discretion, special paid leave to attend to complete ANNUAL TRAINING COMMITMENT ONLY. My boss takes that as 10 days to complete my annual camp, anything over that I take as flexi and annual leave.

    Unpaid leave might be more of an option but that again is at line managers discretion AFAIK - there is no obligation to give you this as the DWP do not have any such thing as a career break. There used to be a career break but some time ago it lost an 'E' and now its for carers only.

  6. When i worked for HMRC i got several extra weeks but unpaid leave authorised by the ops manager! It can be done!
  7. Thanks for all the info guys.

    Was just looking for more options, i think the unpaid leave and using annual and flexi is my best bet to be allowed.

    As mentioned though its going to be down to my manager so will need to get on their good side over the next few weeks.

    Thanks again.