SSIs CCF and AIs ACF required to wear brassards!?

Discussion in 'ACF' started by barnezy349, Apr 24, 2006.

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  1. According to JSP 336 (3rd Edition) Vol. 12 Pt. 3 Pamphlet 13 Section 3 Appendix 1 to Annex G to Section 3 SSIs and AIs are required to wear brassards. Never heard this before, but just read it at that link. Maybe ive read it wrong, it is half 2 in the morning, but i think dats wat it says.
  2. Yep, True.

    Where are the Regualr forces would sew thier rank onto the jersey, cadet forces are required to wear theirs on a brassard. Although it doesnt make it clear how a warrent officer is supposed to do this!
  3. not in my day they did

    CADETS wore brassards with badges etc

    AI's and SSI's wore badges of rank etc on JHW, just like Reg/TA the only difference was the ACF shoulder title (oh and the unpressed, ill fitting jumper/shirt, :wink: )
  4. In my Dad's time as an AI (about 16 years ago!) Adult Instructors did wear brazards with their rank on, however this had stopped before I joined (6 years ago) and as most of the time AI's wear C95 now, its not really applicable anyways!
  5. All AIs up to the rank of SMI should wear brassard. I wear mine all the time, except at Beckingham and Frimley but dont tell my CEO
  6. I'm against it, it'd make me look like a Cadet, being the fresh faced young man that I am.

    Brassards are for Cadets, Rank slides with ACF embroidered titles should be for adults. Otherwise, what would PI's do?
  7. Next section up (not linked, but i can get it if you want) it says WOs aren't meant to wear them. They're treated like officers
  8. I joined as a cadet in 1981 and became an AI in 1986. Although all AIs were issued a brassard, I never saw one worn in my county.

    I did see them worn by AIs from other counties when I was on national courses etc.
  9. Again, I have seen this in other counties, but not in Yorkshire. Previously the full size No.2 Dress chevrons were worn, now it's the 'combat patch' style.
  10. Ours don't, we're still on full sized chevrons
  11. same here, i have been issued a brassard but never have worn it, never seen any other adults wear it either.

    it was rank slides on 95s and sew ons for OG shirt , wolly pullies.
  12. Lets face it, brassards, wooly pullys and all that old rubbish is totally out of date and impractical in everyday cadetting for both etc when I am satisfied barrack dress trousers should be used too by cadets. Any self respecting AI will have purchased number 2 dress anyway which is cheap enough to buy thus, rendering the question of brassards brassards answered. As a WO1 I would not allow anyone, either adult or cadet on a rememberance day parade wearing DPM clothing of any sort. It is thoroughly unacceptable. A CCF officer recently turned up wearing his DPM clothing for a rememberance day parade. To which I said'With all due respect sir, get off my parade'. Which he did.
  14. So you told an officer not to take part in a Rememberance Day parade because you did not like his dress state.

    Be very grateful you are not in my organisation!

    That is very bad form, and you should be ashamed.