Sshh Im hunting wabbitts (I mean walts)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnnyonthespot, Aug 28, 2007.

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  1. Right.....the attached post is the first in a series where this bloke discusses what TA unit to go in before he goes to sandhurst. Sorry am not very IT orientated and did'nt know how to attach the whole thing.
    It (this guy's post) just really annoyed me cos if you have a look at the resulting discussion, TA SAS, Honory Artillery Company,TA Para's and also TA commando trained engineers are all suggested/discussed......see a pattern emerging? Why the fuk would he bother to approach any of these units for anything other than selfish reasons just to join anyone of them for a year before sandhurst? As I understand it, having passed selection....(which he had'nt at this stage), Sandhurst will require the cadets to be physically/mentally fit, committed and enthusiastic and to get as much as they can out of there training. Fair enough. Any previous military experience a bonus and it's positive that he's thinking of joining the TA....fair enough.
    I dont think the Sandhurst staff or indeed the other recruits would appreciate some cock sukker turning up, and whilst the other officer cadets are just getting used to getting out of bed before neighbours is on and realising that their footwear has to be polished, some twat over breakfast is giving it, "when I was with 23 in Hereford blah blah blah" or, "When I was down at CTC Lympstone doing the commando course blah blah blah" . The only reason to do this is either to play some b0llocks game of oneupmanship with the other recruits or try and identify himself to the instructors as some sort of a double hard warry bastard. Either way..just seems a bit stupid and not what the TA should be used for :pissedoff: . He's probably a nice bloke but a bit misguided...I dont know..just needed to let off steam.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Let him go along, I am sure the recruiting staff of the units concerned will give him the correct guidance.

    If he wants to try out the TA before he goes regular, good luck to him. If he does go regular he will have TA guys with him on ops and if he has been in, he should have a better understanding of what makes us tick.

    What's the problem? I think you need to chill out.

  3. Lots of Guys and Gals join the TA as an insight to the regular army. Some even do it to gain experience before joining the full timers. There's never been a problem with that. When I used to go out recruiting alongside my regular counterparts, they often suggested to potentials to try us out first, before committing themselves.

    As for one-upmanship, that depends on the individual. :roll:
  4. good on him wanting experience before sandhurst.but why go for the sas, paras et all? if it was just military experience he wanted he should just pick his local unit and stay there for a while.

    on the subject of walts, i saw a potential walt on saturday at a local parade. he had about 12 ribbons on his chest including one with a MID attached to it. i couldnt get close enough to get a picture or to ask about his other medals but he had all the hallmarks of a walt
  5. Hang on, if the guy wants to actually join the unit, for whatever reason, HTF is that walting. His is not claiming to have joined when he has not.

    Johnny - buy a beer and chill mate.
  6. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    All of the units mentioned run their own training, specifically geared up to fitness. If he were to join one of these, he would be working hard straight away. This should set him in good stead fitness wise for RMAS, but will be of no help for his planning exercise!

    If he were to join his nearest TA unit, he gets into the area (much discussed on here) about how long it takes for paperwork to be processed, waiting for 1a and 1b to start, waiting for CMS(R) courses etc.

    His is talking about joining the TA and investigating his options. Hardly walting, just being sensible.
  7. duke, sorry if i was misunderstood. i wasnt applying the walt to him. i was just mentioning the potential walt i saw on saturday as this started as a walt thread.

    surely if he joined his local ta unit he could find a sensible switched on officer to help in his panning ex and give him valuable experience to draw on.
  8. msr

    msr LE


    Alternatively, he could use the search function of the forums and find a whole load of advice, which would prevent him from looking quite so dim...

  9. not sure if I got my point across or not? Like I said in my first post, there's no problem with joining the TA to obtain some army experience before going regular. My point was the units he was wanting to associate with. Anybody with no prior army experience joining the TA (whatever unit it was ie.Logistics,signals,engineers,infantry artillery etc) is going to learn an awful lot about being a soldier). This would serve the person concerned very well in terms of getting some experience.
    What annoyed me was this bloke only seemed to want to possibly join the more prestigous those SAS or para/commando trained..and forgive me for being cynical but it occured to me that his reason was therefore not just to gain experience (as any bog standard TA unit would provide that) but to "walt" it up.....
    The people who are in those units for the long term obviously want to be a part of them for what I imagine to be the right reasons.....not to play one up manship with other less experienced officer cadets, try and impress the instructors at sandhurst or go on some kind of ego trip. I might PM the guy and ask him to have a look at my post and let me know if I have misjudged him or not....... :D
    Think yur right...whatever his reasons, i should chill out...... :relax:
  10. The AAC recommend TA experience if you're a non-graduate applicant. It's not essential, but they do recommend it for an insight. Other units have also recommended a stint in the TA or said it might be advisable for some Army knowledge prior to Sandhurst.

    The gent in question is probably just overly keen, hence the "prestigeous" unit selection. I'm sure that once he gets to meet a unit, and he tells them why he's joining, they'll either be happy with it or point him in the direction of a more standard unit. Either way, it's not walting and it's something that is openly advised to Potential Officers. :)
  11. if he is young and keen of course the more prestigious units willl appeal
    then reality will set in .Either they will turn him down if he only going to be in a year.Or he just wont live near one.May sound a bit of a dick but hardly a walt.
  12. And reality check - even if this comedian did try and join one of these 'prestige' units - he ain't going to get much further than getting his kit issued in less than a year - so what's the fcuking point?

    Secondly the DS at Sandhurst will know his background and actually it will be harder for him.

    Thirdly - if I'd failed planning - I'd focus on that wouldn't you?

    May or not be a walt - don't care - he's certainly a fcuking idiot though.
  13. msr

    msr LE

    You are a barrel of laughs...

  14. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    My bold - in my unit subject to passing at each stage, he could have started his cadre, done 9 compulsory training weekends and attended CIC/P Coy. He could also have passed his basic para course. In 2006 we had some go on ops within their first year of joining the unit, one of whom is now doing well at RMAS.

    As I posted earlier, units that run their own training control the timelines. It actually makes more sense for him to go that route rather than joining the cake and arrse party that is the general TA recruit training regime.

    As for the DS opinion/failed planning points - I couldn't agree more!
  15. I tell you what he can come along to my Coy in Scotland.....

    I'll help him out.... TREE OF KNOWLEDGE....STAND BY!!!!!! :twisted: :twisted:

    A young keen lad trying to find out how to get a heads up and is aiming particularily high (with regard to 4 PARA of course, not that SAS/Cdo mob!) :D :D

    fair play to him.

    if he makes it, he will have a very good grounding in soldiering and his phys will be through the roof.

    Really you cannot pass selection, P coy, AACC or whatever unless you really really want it and so it will surely test his determination.

    From the point of view that he is 'using' the TA. You will probably find the unit happy to have another name there is a tom, a dick and a harry! wow