SSgts on Low Pay Band

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by Fedupsquaddie, Sep 13, 2008.

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  1. Am I right in thinking that this is wrong? Why are we not on High Pay Band and this is a form of discrimination dont you think.

    Who would sue the Army if enough got together and does anyone know of a good Legal Firm who would take the MoD on?
  2. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT


    What makes you think you qualify for high band?

    Discrimination? :roll:
  3. What is your job as a SSgt? There are many SSgt out there on higher.

    It is more of a p1sser when you are higher Sgt going on to Lower Staffy. Apart for the pension, there is no real incentive, in my trade-Corp to promote.
  4. Fugly

    Fugly LE DirtyBAT

    No follow-up post yet?

    Can't be that fed up then, can you.

    Or maybe this thread is as pointless as your moaning. If you really really really wanted higher rate, do a trade that offers it. As CF pointed out, plenty of SSgts and above are on high band. :roll:
  5. The reason for not replying sooner is due to the fact I don't sit all day at a Computer like some and I only asked a question but as usual some people have to question and reply with something just to be heard.
  6. What is your beef with being on low band then? What is your job? Why do you think it should be higher band?

    Are you a high band sgt, about to take the pay jump that is low band SSGt?
  7. Im sure this has come up time and time again,

    My only real gripe is when a trade has a mixture of high and low band within its ranks, ie high band LCpls/Cpls Low band Sgts and Staffys.

    A long in the tooth Cpl on highest increment of high band really has no incentive to be promoted whilst said low band Sgts/Staffys are earning a couple of quid a day extra over said Cpl.

    Often wondered who it was that made that decision. I wonder who it is they think that Cpl goes to for advice/experience etc.

    Dont care what trade you do, as a Sgt/Staffy you are expected to excell your subordinates in knowledge both trade and otherwise, any Comd will not go to the Cpl for advice, he will invariably go to the Tp Sgt/Staffy.

    Mind you the jump back up to High on promotion to WO2 is perverse and really does not reflect the output from that post.

    Me bitter and twisted? Well yes I am actually!! :x
  8. Cheers Feasted,

    I am in a job where we have a mix of High/low and it just pisses me off that as a Staffy I am on the low band but a staffy in a different branch is on the high but with less responsibilities.
  9. I do not believe for one second that someone as stupid as you could reach the rank of SSgt. If it is possible, there is your reply to your question....!!!!
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  13. Are you j ust going to drip or tell us more?

    What is your job? At what point do you change bands? Why do you think that the other staffy has less responsiblities?

    Out with it man, or you just sound like a dripping fool.
  14. Is not just because the Army has decided that they are losing too many people between Lcpl and Sgt so have given them an incentive to stay in by giving them better pay