SSgt - WO2 Results

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by demosthenes, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Right, completely disregarding DeepSkiSam's 'sticky' above, does anyone know if the results are out (officially) today, or is it tomorrow?

    Not hopeful here, just want to know when I can lambast those who get overwritten in their reports, or wear an extra badge or two!!
  2. Already out. Looking forward to having a few beers this aft with some succesfull on the board.

    Oh, and congrats to all those successfull.
  3. Ah! Heard it was to be a small one... no great surprise there!

    And yes, congrats to those who were successful ;o)
  4. For Board results on ArmyNET click here.
  5. Hey ArmyNET I get 404: Page not found errors on the links.
  6. And you get this...............


    I played the Jetpac game instead. :nod:
  7. The Compensation link doesn't work either.
  8. Jetpac works ok for me.
  9. I was hoping for a cut of the ArmyNET annual budget (circa £5.47 and a 10pfg coin)
  10. Which gets you the page "OOPS! YOU FOUND A MISSING LINK". B for effort, but must try harder.
  11. It's a bit more than that.......quote below from this thread

  12. Armynet, the link works for me. But I can assure you last night from this computer etc, I was indeed treated to a game of jetpac....

    Re the board. That's not a board, that's a plank, also trade seems to be missing.
  13. It does now. The link on the same page didn't work on DII(F) about 1000hrs this morning.