SSgt-WO2 board has sat apparently!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by blueflossy, Feb 3, 2008.

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  1. Heard this rumour!

    Wondered if anyone actually knew! you know what chinese whispers are like!
  2. Board sat 23/24 Jan, Results are this Friday.

  3. It will have done, but the results are not released untill friday.
  4. OK but the next question is has anybody out there got any idea who has come off the board?
  5. No, but if you are expecting to come off, you should find out sometime Thursdayish.

  6. Why? You waiting?
  7. I concur with the above, however, we have been briefed results on Thur 07th

    Not that it would be unique for my regt to get something wrong

    Records will have apretty good idea who has been selected, as willthe rest of the army once the results are announced :roll:
  8. No doubt someone will leak them Wednesday afternoon, cue, loads of whinging and bitching on here :roll:
  9. Nah! not me! But my SSgt is and i challenged him to the powers of the internet! Said that maybe i could find out before he does! there's a £10 in it for the winner!

    I think i may have counted my chickens before they hatched!
  10. What trade is he?
  11. Rad op!
  12. I reckon there will be lots of phone calls to Op Theatre's trying to find out who's in the CommCen....
  14. I found out I had come off the board from the Commcen in the FI :wink:
  15. so is the internet going to let me down??