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Discussion in 'RLC' started by Moon_Monkey_Spunk, Mar 8, 2008.

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  1. deleted as this was the 2008 board not 2011!
  2. MMS, settle down down me ol' china! We can't have MCM Div carrying out forward planning - that would upset the apple cart. It's gonna take all their collective brain cells to sort out a fast ball for some poor unfortunate after Wednesdays little break!
  3. Soldiers have been complaining about the same thing since they were shunting their parrots and monkeys from Bangalore to Peshawar. No doubt when we are reduced to being an army of one garrison, the next generation will bitch about how it's a travesty that they've been posted to the north side of the main drag when the south side of the barracks gets all the fun.
  4. MMS I thought you had been already selected for your new job?

    Or have they shafted you?
  5. Ha ha, they tried that one with me too, until I faxed them the list of available jobs....cnuts

    Some people take the shafting lying down - I didn't.
  6. The Job was pulled last minute mate, not going to say too much here but well and truly shafted pretty much covers it.

    I hear there is a retention problem in the RLC? I wonder why when Glasgow treat WO's like this !

    Poke it...........
  7. If you think that a soldier asking to be posted within sufficient travelling distance of his wife and kids is "Complaining" then you can POKE IT as well.

  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    Don't worry, there are still guys from last years board still wearing Staffy rank waiting to be posted let alone the most recent one.
  9. Well I hope it wasnt me that took your job! Wasnt on purpose I can assure you!
  10. Gen M,
    No offence but is that a fact or a random remark? After looking at last years board everyone within my "large" trade are in post or are at least about to go, due to them being on tour.
    I do not want to make this thread sound like a one man whinge, but honestly, there must be a better way of doing this.
    Without giving away my Persec I cannot go into details of my case but I do think the system needs to be fairer.

    1. Should CO's be allowed to keep thier "Own" no matter what the circumstances of others?

    2. Should assignment orders be dispatched at the same time rather than troops on tour seeming to have the last chioces available no matter what their Personnel circumstances are?

    Surely posting 44 cadidates into 44 postions could be made easier, especially when the majority of those selected fill out a PPP with 3 available preferences. The PPP also states those that have served two consecutive tours in a theatre will be giving preference to UK/German posting (Depending on where you two tours where)

    BoS, It wasn't one job that "Dissapeared" mate, try 4! (I agreed to all 4!)

    RANT over, maybe........... :x
  11. Although i have been somewhat lucky compared to the accounts i've heard locally or around the various bizaar's of others, I've heard stories about certain individuals getting assignments issued by MCM they're happy with, accepted it, only for their CO to pull the plug due to an impending tour. So would these people rather deploy with what i imagine to be a somewhat disgruntled "SSgt (Sel WO2)" than a thrusting "SSgt" pushing to get selected! Then others wanting to stay in UK, getting UK offers then recieving a BFG job! Then there's the blokes being kept within the fold of their comfort zone by their CO, which is another debate!

    i have been somewhat confused by the whole episode this year, from the lack of suffixes on the initial signal to all the job allocation palava i've witnessed and heard about :?

    Fingers crossed for a CLM "by" for Warrant Officers like the Lance Jacks! :D
  12. It would seem to me that because this is a board and because people are scored on it then those with the highest points should be able to choose where they go. If you are the highest scoring Soldier, wanting a certain job, then you would get it: if you are prepared to do a job that is less popular, are a lower scoring individual but are the only applicant, then you would get it. This, dear reader, is called a m-e-r-i-t-o-c-r-a-c-y. Soldiers, in the main, have all had to deal with the disappointment of not promoting and so failing to secure a posting to someone who scored higher, I believe, would appeal to people's sense of fair play and would leave less capacity for discord.

    Since MCM Div groupies have been conspicuous by their absence from this forum in recent months I’ll state the inevitable counter argument: namely that a soldier is a human asset to be employed where the CoC sees it being most effective. In a way this is true, however, it is because of this frankly laughable arrogance that people are leaving in droves. I mean, no one from DRLC reads or actions this site and so the bullshit MCM smoke and mirrors, old boy, Ruhpholden intangibility will invariably continue.

    Sorry to hear you’re getting fucked over M_M_S, they know they can do it because of how advanced you are in your career and naturally have no conception of the morale component implications. Sorting out your posting was probably going to affect their capacity to cut away at 1400hrs on a Friday. Actually you probably missed out to a rugby player because thats what the CO wanted. Its bollocks, but MCM and some COs would prefer to have, for example, an RSM who was good at skiing for a certain Regiment than someone who was actually competent. Oops there goes my PERSEC.
  13. FP,
    Hit the nail on the head mate, I also thought merit had something to do with it.

    Just rang up the fellow I am supposed to be replacing, he was a bit shocked as he believed (and has it in writing!) that he is extended until 09!

    Glasgow :wink:
  14. M_M_S- If you have an Assignment Order good on yer pal... I don't!


    It is simply shocking, If I delievered that standard of service I would expect the sack!!!

    "Need of the Service, followed closely by the need of the indivdual/family" Laughable.
  15. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    MMS, that is a fact as they work at the same gaff as me.