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OK Spr's, if anyone can help me i would greatly appreciate it.

My Daughter gets married 17 Aug 07, she has asked if i could walk her down the aisle (private family service) wearing RE Blue's, (or) as she loved Mess Kit. I still have my Mess Kit, but, erm, have out grown it a bit!!!! enough said.

I retired as a SSgt, so if anyone could help me out i would be extremely grateful.

I know regs state uniforms should not be worn by non serving personnel, but i think after 20+ years being away from my family she deserves this one indulgence.

Spr's Hire or for sale, if you can help, here are my sizes:

Leg: 29/31"
Waist: 34/38" can get adjusted
Chest: 38/40"

Medal ribbons not important. Help me out you Sappers.


thanks mate you have made one girl very happy, and a former soldier proud to be able to wear his beloved Corps uniform again for a special occasion.

I wish i had found this forum earlier.

Yours Aye

May I *highly* recommended Medway Medals, in Gillingham/Chatham. I've just gotten back from them today with a full set of No. 1 dress, tailored to my size, with all appropriate badges etc, for £90, SAME DAY service. Yes, I walked in this morning around 9, got measured, and came back at 1115 and picked up the whole shebang, incl. gloves, lanyard & belt.

Very professional, quick service.

And it's in good nick too, looks brand new
When i checked with a local Army unit, the Chiefy informed me that while not "condoned" for non-serving personnel to wear uniform, as long as it is worn with the correct military bearing, with authorised adornments and not used for purposes of misrepresentation things should be OK.

I remember while serving, that some mess members were allowed to still wear Mess Dress as long as it had the Gold coloured R on the sleeve.

Thanks to everyone for their assistance. :D

have been to Medway Medals today for a fitting. I must admit the service was great, but will post feedback when i get the uniform.

If the service is anything to go by, it should be brilliant.

Thanks for the link, from one Spr to another. Also looking at the Canadian RF ;-)

Yours Aye

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