SSGT Promotion Board Results

Has anyone got a copy of these results, have been looking on ARMYNET all day and REME as usual are one the only MCM Div's not to have posted them as yet. :evil:
Results have been promulgated, I saw an email copy yesterday at noon in Iraq, must be who you know eh? :)

I'm surprised the other A&S got them on Armynet so quickly, there must have been a glitch in their systems - not enough 'friction' in their systems.
It would appaer that the delay in posting this info on the Army Net is due to the recount of recent one day PAAb passes, they haven't enough staff at MCM to do two jobs at once!


I wouldn't hold your breath for ArmyNET - the Sgt board results still arent on there, and that board sat in Dec 05!!!!!!! Seems to take the REME a long time to publish board results, if at all.............

Edit to add: wouldn't mind knowing the results myself, a couple of blokes i know are in the bracket
Read it and weep guys or laugh out loud.
Promo Board is out on Armynet (cant link cos of the password bit but you know where it is)
Congratumalations to all and sundry, hope you all have enough residual to push for the coverted WARTisan posts.
If not try a one minute Paab (residual service for the end of course aint needed now judging by the doddering old b'stards they have forced thru' the sausage machine these past few months)
Ha ha (you all still look younger than me)
Twitter and bisted?
Not me im laughing all the way to Holts Farnboro' Branch!
catchyerselfon said:
Promo Board is out on Armynet (cant link cos of the password bit but you know where it is)
Nope sorry I dont but I fancy a look, any chance of a grid reference for the list?
When you log onto Armynet, look on the right hand side at the links going down the page. One of them is called "Promotion Boards".
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