SSgt Jared Monti USA, Medal of Honor - RIP

I'm glad I took the time to read the article, and thanks for posting it it.

He sounds like a hell of a good bloke, and a brave one. God rest his soul.
When I was a kid my dad had a paperback book all about US Medal of Honour winners from WW2.

I read it several times and it amazed me each time - stories of true heroism. The most moving one was a US aircrew on a B-29 bomber. A phosphorus parachute flare used for target marking ignited in the launch tube and bounced back into the aircraft. Here's the link to the citation:

Most of the guys who win the MoH recieve the medal posthumously, rather like the VC, and the phrase above and beyond the call of duty is often mentioned. Anyone who wins either medal gets my admiration and respect.

And proving yet again that the best fighting men aren't necessarily the best garrison soldiers, see Maynard "Snuffy" Smith

The poor guy just could not stay out of trouble, and was a perpetual problem child. When the SecWar showed up to award him the MoH, Snuffy was peeling potatoes on punishment KP.
DavidBOC said:
This appeared on the front page of the Boston Globe today.
Boston Globe linky

Article on a man from my part of the world.
A long article but worth a read.

RIP SSgt Monti may God console your loved ones.
Thanks for posting that, it was very interesting reading. He sounds like a damned good bloke. It is sad to lose such people.
As much for his human compassion as for his personal bravery as a soldier, SSGT Monti really was a most extraordinary man among those who embody and carry with them, the very best qualities of the United States of America.
The Monti family will receive SFC Monti's Medal of Honor from the President today, Sept 17th.

Last night there was an interview with his father on the evening news. The father showed pictures that SFC Monti had sent from Afghanistan and talked about how he welcomed going back as he really liked the Afghan people and wanted to help them live better lives. It was very moving.

The US Army has assed a special webpage that is worth a look.
Army linky
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