SSgt Cullingworth and Spr Luke Allsopp article

ftreqptmyass said:
Bought the paper because of the headline! Probably enough said on that one, can only begin to imagine how much distress the families must be feeling.
Unbelieveable is an over used word. That really is unbelieveable. Words fail.
My brother was with SSgt Cullingworth and Luke Allsopp when they were killed. Both him and the other sapper their at the time are the only witness who have any credibility (I dare say they wont be given the opportunity to give their point of view on this incident).

I also note, that there are not any do-Gooding lawyers trying to get them some justice or a semblance of a reasonable compensation payout after being ambushed and wounded in action (The amount my brother received was derisory).

Lets hope Mr Shiner has to stay some time in Iraq to get his facts right, I wonder how long he would last if he hasn’t got the protection of the British Army?
That would be a ND i would renlist to do
Phil Shiner, of Public Immunity Lawyers, believes that Mr Saadoon, 56, and Mr Mufdhi, 58, would not get a fair trial in Iraq and could face the death penalty if found guilty. He also believes they would be tortured and abused by other inmates.

let the fuckas go to jail here, i'd happily do my OC over to get a crack inside at them cnuts
I served with Luke and Sgt cullingsworth....Sad, sad incident and I always wished the guilty had been on the receiving end of some thing kinetic...seems not.

This is a disgrace and you can see why the Middle East thumbs their nose at us, at every opportunity... Pathetic.
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