SSgt Artificer transfer to RAF Engineering Officer

Discussion in 'REME' started by monkfish 01, Mar 12, 2013.

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  1. Evening everyone,

    Just looking for some information, help or advice that people out there may be able to help me with.

    I am a current serving Staff Sergeant Aircraft Artificer in the REME who has completed 13.5 years and i am considering a transfer to the RAF as an Engineering Officer. I understand it has been done before but i am unable to find any offical information on the process and what exactly happens.

    I have been to see my RCMO and he has been in contact with RAF Cranwell who have told me to complete the application form for the RAF and to complete the general transfer request and that will start the process.

    I was therefore wondering if anyone has any experience of this or if anyone could answer some of the many questions i have:

    1. What is the exact process and approximate timeframe for this transfer?
    2. Is it possible to transfer over as an 'LE' Officer or would i have to go in as a 'DE' (i.e. join as a Flt Lt rather than a pilot Officer)?
    3. Would i keep the same pay?
    4. How would my pension be affected?

    I know i am asking for a lot but any help would be appreciated. Also any other information would be greatly received

    Thanks in advance!!!!!!!
  2. Why would you think you can transfer as an LE officer when you ain't one? Sounds like you need to do some leg work or is that why you want to join Mr crab?
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    I know of at least two aviation tiffys who have done exactly this although the most recent was approx 10 years ago. He went across as a SSgt, did the full Cranwell course (as both their LE & DE officers have to) and was then commissioned. I can't remember exactly what rank he wore but he was a Flt Lt pdq.

    Whilst I'm not an expert on RAF T&Cs (try e-goat), I believe that the financial benefits are definitely worth having. You also compete for jobs such as JENGO/SENGO without the inherent advantage that DEs have in the Army.

    On the assumption that you can live with the shame of being in the RAF, I'd recommend going for it!
  4. Neither the RAF or RN 'discriminate' against LEs in quite the same way the Army do.

    Having seen a member of the RM transfer to the RN, I would offer the following observations:

    Your pay probably won't go down, it might mark time for a while though.

    Your Pension will transfer to '05 (or '15) if you are on '75; it will stay on '05 if you're on '05 already.

    You will want to go in as a DE. More to the point, go read about the 'Executive' stream for the RAF and ask yourself if you want to compete to be part of that. If your age is about 32, then you will probably top out as a Wing Cdr, possibly Group Capt based on service until 55. Unlike the LE T&Cs for the Army, you will promote against everyone eligible in the RAF. If that's a good thing or not for you only you can decide.

    My previous branch was about 40% ex-Artificers, and there a good handful who've made it to Capt RN and more than I can count who've made it to Cdr RN. The opportunities are there.

    ps - have you considered AE in the RN?
  5. Last I heard the RAF weren't accepted any transferees, but what have you got to lose by trying?
  6. Tiffy Massive maybe you need to read the actual question posed and actually understand the process. Maybe then you would see that you can transfer and commission into the RAF without being an LE officer first!!!!
  7. Bad CO and Alfred,

    Thanks for your input it is very much appreciated. The information you have provided seems to confirm everything else i have been told regarding there being no difference between LE/DE which is a definate bonus, especially considering promotion and career progression.

    I agree with you both that the financial benefits should be there. The only drawback i can potentially see is the change of my current pension from 75 to 05 :thumbdown:. However the career benefits do seem to outweigh this slight negative!!!!

    Crashtestdummy you are right that the RAF did stop accepting transferees a few years back, but i have made some enquires and they are now accepting them again.

    With the current slow down of REME promotion and the limited LE commissioning prospects within REME i have to say you are all 100% right with ' I have nothing to lose'

    I have almost completed the application now and should have the process started by the end of the week. Just have to hope that Glasgow don't try to be a pain and refuse to let me transfer, as i h ave seen them do this many times before.

    I'll keep you all posted on how things progress and thanks once again
  8. Alfred,

    I have not really considered the RN as i was unaware that they took AE officer applications from outside of the Navy Ranks. If they do then this is something i may look into as a possible alternative. You can never have too many options in my opinion.
  9. PM me with your credentials and I may be able to put you in touch with a recent Blackie Tiff who went across.
  10. Particularly if you're the Monkfish that I know and love :)
  11. Monkfish,

    As a tiff, I think you might have to do the full cranwell training, however I know they are now accepting WO's on a shortend course. My Sq Ldr is an Ex ASM so I will ask him tomorrow.
  12. As mentioned, we don't have LE/DE in the RAF. There is a WO commissioning course (knives and forks) that WO2 transferees get loaded onto, anything FS (S/Sgt) and below normally does the full Cranwell. Although my FS says there certainly was a couple of years back, opportunities for FS at pinchpoint trades to do a Knife and Fork short course - I have never heard of it.

    After that you may attract some seniority for rank, if going in as an EngO. Although don't expect you can sort it once wearing light blue - the RAF have a nasty habit of insisting any seniority is that which you negotiate befoe signing the dotted line.
  13. Do you have no self esteem, wanting to become a civvie in uniform?

    Fair shout if you can achieve it

  14. What ? Start being treated like an adult with skills rather than a 6 year old by morons with no idea what they're talking about ?
    Tricky one that ;-)
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