SSgt Adie Templer

Discussion in 'REME' started by spaz, Jun 23, 2010.

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  1. Unfortunately Adie was killed in a bike crash yesterday morning on his way to work.

    He was a Tiffy Vehicles serving with 3 Yorks Warminster and engaged to be married with a young daughter.

    He was a top bloke and is going to be missed by all that new him.

    Anyone who new him and wishes to pass on condolences or attend the funeral PM me and I will pass on the details as appropriate, dependant on his family's wishes.

    RiP mate I told you not to buy a bike.
  2. RIP Adie, loss of a member of the Corp is always tough.

  3. Your Corps are having it tought with RTAs at the moment.
  4. Yes mate, you may have met Adie he served at 27 Regt from 2005-2008 and deployed to Cyprus with the CRU and Kabul with 8 Sqn. The rest of the time he worked with 7 Sqn.
  5. R.I.P mate you will be missed by us all xx
  6. Oh shit I do. The name didnt ring any immediate bells being a spanner strangler and all that.

    Sad news indeed.
  7. Bloody shame, Adie Templer was a really top bloke.

    I remember the time I convinced everyone he was into cliff richard at 27 regt. I stuck calenders up on his wall whilst he was out and drew a massive mural on his door in black pen with cliff, adie and all his chums singing 'saviours day' just before a big block inspection. he was threaders with me.

    He will be missed.
  8. Not as threaders as during the pissed up in the block, public order training. When you charged down the corridor at him armed with an empty wine bottle, as he prepared to meet the onslaught wearing a Police riot helmet and using an ironing board as a shield.
  9. Rest In Peace Mate!
  10. REME Collect.

    O God of power and might, whose all-pervading energy is
    the strength of nature and man, inspire, we pray Thee, us
    Thy servants of the Royal Electrical and Mechanical
    Engineers with the quickening spirit of goodwill, that as
    honest craftsmen, seeking only the good of all in peace or
    war, we may glorify Thee both in the work of our hands
    and in the example of our fellowship, through Jesus Christ
    our Lord.

    R.I.P. Staff.
  11. R.I.P Adie thoughts are with all your family, friends and Colleagues xx