cant seem to find a forum that fits this subject but here goes anyway.

i have been told there are no sfa quarters where i am due tobe posted so they have offered me ssfa at grade 1.
now grade 1 is currently 9.16 a day plus council tax plus gas and electric which will take my monthly outgoing to around £500-600 .
there is no way i could afford this . i have heard a rumour that the army will pay so much towards this and i will pay grade 3 price ???

can someone shed some light please.
You can challenge the grading but yep normally grade 1 for SSFA.
Let welfare know you can't afford it and see what they do.

From AFF site: Allocation of SSFA

If, when you put in your 1132 (hopefully the electronic version), there are no quarters available you will be given the option to accept a Non Availability Certificate (NAC) which means that a hiring will be sourced for you. You may be asked whether you want to stay on the list for a quarter – THINK VERY CAREFULLY – refusing an NAC will be seen as a refusal of an offer and you will go on to the waiting list which means you may to wait some time for another offer (remember, you have to move within three months of your assignment date in order to be eligible for removals and disturbance allowance).

The Housing Allocations Service Centre (HASC) is to issue a NAC a minimum of 51 days for moves within UK and 65 days for moves in to UK from overseas. The HASC can withdraw the NAC and offer an appropriate SFA if one becomes available any time up to the 51/65 days mentioned above.

The earliest you can apply to get your SSFA is two days prior to your assignment date unless you are returning from overseas or vacating a tied SFA.

You are NOT able to source your own SSFA – you will be given two properties to view (preferably in a 24 hour period) and are to choose one of these. You will then be given notice of address 14 days prior to your required date if in the UK and 28 days prior to your required date if returning from overseas. As with SFA you will be required to sign a License to Occupy and your SSFA will be charged at grade 1 for Rent and CILOCT but you are entitled to challenge the grading on move in.
You can challenge the grading but yep normally grade 1 for SSFA.
Let welfare know you can't afford it and see what they do.
I knew you'd know, Mimi xxxxx
A question please for the gathered expertise. I was offered a number of houses by Housing Ops on Mon and phoned to ask for some floor plans for one of the houses missing this detail. They told me there were none. I then said i would go and look at some of those houses listed before choosing. Now having been away for a few days i find that the choices have dissappeared and i have been offered the first house on the list which is horrible. I have refused it online and now have to wait to see what they come back with. I am not moving until end of Jun so have a couple of monhts. I have added the houses i have chosen in preference order as per the form but was not aware there was a timeline to meet.
The question, is when offered is there a 72 hr limit on replies or is 5 days to reply not a reasonable amount of time? as i siad i received a list of houses on Mon and by Thu they had taken the list away and offered me a sh1t one. i did not see anything when i looked, but may have missed it.

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