Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Zapped, Apr 13, 2009.

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  1. Guys,
    Just been told that my family and I will be moving into SSFA in June. I've read JSP 464 and I'm pretty up to speed with what I'm entitled to etc. I was just wondering if anyone had any advice or knows of any pitfalls to avoid. Thanks in advance.
  2. Main one is to know what your walking into!

    Visit the site and have a good nosey at the empty quarters, identify the streets you would prefer so you can make a better request.

    Make a note of any horror houses just incase you need to refuse (and can back it up with evidence, take photos), remember they only have to give you 2 offers so dont keep refusing.

    Touch base with the local hive, they can give local info and put you in touch with the local housing warden, just incase you get any dramas when you move in such as the boiler falling over etc (this person will also move you in).

    Be honest when you walk round, highlight any concerns such as marks etc. You have 14 days to report back anything you find thats wrong should you miss something.

    Dont ignore MHS work letters. If they want to inspect the leccy or gas etc then make sure you book an appointment. If you keep ignoring them they wont think twice to give you your 28 days notice to vacate which tends to upset the wife.

    Good luck :)

  3. Remember they only have to find 2 properties (3 in london), 'broadly the same as your entitlement'. Have you had your NAC fron DHE yet and submitted your appp. Do it ASAP. The earlier it is in, the more chance they will find something matching your exact spec.

    If you can, get contact details for the HCR agent for your new area. They may give you a steer on the area, visit if you can.

    Are you moving to a high cost area? your offers may be smaller than expected. Most importantly, take your wife to the viewings. Women see much more of the problems other than where the Plasma and the beer fridge will go. I had an absolute cracker, thanks to a helpful HCR agent :D
  4. Put in for a redress of grade straight away. All SSFA is set at top level as a matter of course and is never actually put to the service test for it's chargable grade. You have to do it within the 1st 3 months of occupation I believe. Main point is, you have nothing to lose by asking your QM to come out and grade it properly, but a possability of a reduced rate, as it is already set at top level.
  5. Hi, my husband who is in army has just been given an NAC which means we have applied for SSFA in Stirling. Any idea if its a high cost area as i have been on letting agencies websites and they all 850 a month or above. Any help would be much appreciated. thanks