SSFA - Can I rent my own house back?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Blotter_Jotter, Jun 28, 2007.

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  1. I'm after a bit of advice from any Pay & Allowances 'ninjas' on the site. Basically I'm due posting soon to Catterick and aimed off in advance by buying a house nearby. Unfortunately the cost of getting it sorted out, now means that we will probably have to rent it out and live in a quarter.

    As it looks like the shortage of quarters will mean we will get a hiring, I'm keen to know what rule prohibits renting back my own house. It sounds dodgy and every SPS advisor I've spoken to says its dodgy, but no one can tell me what rule is being broken (and the JSP covering the subject does not prohibit this action, unless I used an advance of pay to buy the house).

    As I am keen to stay within the 'law' I am keen to know which one I will be breaking if I persued this COA.

    Any advice greatfully received.
  2. Does it really matter what law you're breaking? It still goes against regulations and it's my understanding that you're give a choice of two or three properties by a MOD approved letting agent. So unless your property is with said agent, it isn't going to happen.
  3. I am not a pay guru, but if you have asked the question on here, you already doubt the legaility of that which you propose!

    How much value do you place on your pension and good name?

  4. Thanks chaps but:

    Matelot: You're not really getting the gist are you? If as you say, it's against the regulations, then which ones? Surely the aim here is to add value.

    Litotes: Thanks for the moral 'overwatch', but the fact that I'm asking the question means that I very much value my career & pension! I chose this forum to seek further counsel because, as I've mentioned already, the 'SMEs' tried so far cannot point me to anything which says 'thou shall not'. If such regulation exists then surely it should be clear and visible, so that I can assess as to whether or not I have a case to take it further with the relevant authority. If it does not then there is no rule to break. As I've said, the JSP fails to mention it, which surprises me, as it prohibits me doing this if I am single.

    Yours, in the pursuit of clarity

  5. Not at work at present but I'm pretty sure that the JSP states that you are not entitled to SSSA if you own a house within 50 miles (or other HTD distance) of your Duty Stn, check 752, that is unless it is already rented out and you can't re-occupy it.
  6. Dont think that is correct as I am in SSSA and the guy I share with owns his own house fairly nearby which is not letted out.
  7. I'm sure in the 90's there was a bit of a scandal about officers in London buying flats and "renting" them to each other. May be wrong but so don't quote me.

    If there was a way to get the system to pay your mortgage while you pay them MQ rates then I'm sure Annington homes would have sold off all the quarters and we would all be living like kings.

    I am sure you would like to live in your own house if finances don't allow then rent it out, nothing to stop you using the mil preferred agency then at least you will get mil in and risk of moonlite flit/house trashed starring on "Renters from Hell" are greatly reduced.

    Blotter_Jotter wrote:

    "It sounds dodgy and every SPS advisor I've spoken to says its dodgy"

    Equals it's Dodgy

    A Garrison no longer having enough MQ's for the troops speaks volumes about the state we have allowed ourselves to get into.
  8. If there is no SFA available; and you are entitled to SSSA you could legitably move in to your own house and claim a residual SSSA. This way you would at least be financially better off than simply living in your own home through choice. JSP 464 refers.
  9. Lifelonglearner,

    Don't want to P*** on anyones bonfire however you ref does state:

    "17. Personal Interests in SSFA Property. SSFA claimants may not accept or occupy an SSFA property which they own/part own."

    Thanks for JSP No though very interesting.
  11. Lifelonggleamer & Big Red: Most helpful responses thus far - I will dig into the JSP. VMT.

    Litotes: Indeed, you do appear to be 'shot out'.

    Et al: Rounds complete.