after passing AOSB earlier this year i am attending RMAS in 2010. Looking slightly further on into my future career i am wondering what the criteria is for switching from a SSC to an IRC. Also after hearing of rumours that the army is currently overstaffed, what are the chances of being told "thanks, but no thanks". Any help would be appreciated.

The process is pretty straight forward. Once commissioned and you have spent a year or two at Regimental Duty ask your Adjutant. As long as you haven't dropped any major clangers you should be fine. I think you need a couple or recommendations on your OJARS (annual reports). An SSC will take you out to about 8 years and so there is no immediate rush.

I am an Admin mong and so am prepared to be corrected.
The Reference Book is 'The Army Commissioning Regulations 2009'.

To convert from SSC to IRC you need 24 months service and 2 consecutive reports with recommendations.

Conversion is not a given. It depends on the competition and how many vacancies exist - your MS desk officer is better placed to advise here.
I would advise you to speak to your OC (as 1st Reporting Officer) at the time of your first report as not only is conversion not a given, but neither is extension. This is particularly an issue if after about 2 years of RD you get posted away to a training establishment. Extending your SSC is not difficult, but it needs to be done in a timely fashion, or you could find that you have 'run out', if nothing is done.

For 1ROs, don't forget to start the narrative early: it will be easier for someone to convert, whether they are thinking about it or not, if you start making your recommendations as early as you think appropriate.

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