SSC to IRC Conversion quotas

Discussion in 'Officers' started by Loyns, Aug 27, 2011.

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  1. I'm sure this will have already been bit from another angle but I just wished to start the discussion about quotas for SSC to IRC conversion. I've been told that the Queens Div has a quota this year of 2 and a quota next year of 0, thereby completly screwing my career (didn't apply earlier for reasons best known to my 27 year old self) and effectivly kicking me out of the army. My applications to extend/convert got cut short dispite CO and Bde Comd writing very complimentary pieces on my behalf.

    However from a quick straw poll (OK some pissed chats) with mates of a roughly similar era, it seems that as a rough guide most of the (operationally experenced) Capts on an SSC who are being kicked out by 'manning control levers' wish to stay in; whereas the (also operationally experenced) Capts on IRCs / RegCs are planning on signing off in the next couple of years.

    Has though actually been given to this or is it simply a matter of finance? I know in my case my CO and Bde Comd (I'm an Ops Officer so have regular contact with both) are keen that I remain in and get the opportunity to convert, however DM(A) has apparently been told to get rid of all of those in the latter couple of years of their SSC as a cost-saving measure regardless of background/experence/OJARs etc.


    Pissed off infantry officer.
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Come and join the TA when you get out - 27 year old Captains are something of a rarity. You will go straight onto the top whack bounty too!
  3. Loyns, not sure what pension system you are on but if I were to be cynical, this could certainly be seen as a motivator for those that hold the purse strings.

    If one has the choice between extending someone who joined around 2004/2005 or someone around 2006/2007, the latter option, on greatly reduced pension package, would seem much cheaper.

    Regardless of this, it is certainly much cheaper to not extend someone then to pay them redundancy. I know several mid to senior captains that feel pretty hard-done-by at the prospect of not getting extended following 2/3/4 operational tours.
  4. My understanding is that these quotas are based on years of seniority and Corps/Infantry Division. Therefore, being on LTOS, you compete only with officers who commissioned in the same year as you (and non-grads three years ahead) and are in the same Inf Div (I that you said Queen's Div).

    Your best option may be to transfer into, either another Inf Div or another part of the Army. Either way, I would suggest a very candid chat first with your Commanding Officer and then your desk officer at APC. You may want to look into the Foot Guards, on the basis that they have a track record of taking retreads because many of their officers leave after just a few years. Alternatively, the AMS tend to have vacancies; it rather depends how desperately you want to stay in.
  5. You mean that if you're *really* desperate you should consider the Guards? ;-)
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  6. I suspect that you are referring to the RAMC (rather than the AMS????) if so you will be pleased to know (or not) that they are not THAT desperate..........
  7. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Indeed they're not desperate and contrary to popular belief they're not a dumping ground for lower quality officers either. On the plus side, infantry officers are usually well received for their teeth arm experience. That said, the RAMC can be a bit of a culture shock to some who are rigidly 'Army'.
  8. Should have played the long game mate and joined the RLC - we can't give 'em away!
  9. I did indeed mean the RAMC, but was not suggesting that they were or indeed should be, "a dumping ground" for sub-standard officers. I was alluding to the officers (some quite capable) who have stepped across from the teeth arms. As the RAMC is undeniably less competitive than the Infantry and the RAMC values and benefits from what these officers bring, the benefit is mutual.

    The original poster is apparently the Ops Offr in an Inf Bn, from this we can make the assumption that he is at least a reasonably effective young officer; probably not one of the sub-standard types at any rate.
  10. What do you mean sub-standard types? Obviously the inf only take top third...
  11. Sorry to hear that mate. There are many people who have been put into this position over the last year and things are only going to get tougher.

    I was lucky enough to be awarded an IRC a couple of years ago, but many of my peers (especially last year) are in a really difficult position. Chat in my branch has been that there were more avalible last year than what they gave out and this year will be a bumper year. Frankly, I think that's bollocks and I suspect what you say to be true.

    The Army now is looking at people it wants to keep in for 16 years seriously. As an infantier you'll be up against a lot of very good and experienced officers with a lot of operational experience; not all of you will be employable out to Maj and beyond simply because of numbers (there are already too many Majs in pretty much every cap badge). If you really want to stay in, consider a transfer, as there are some that will accept transferees. People might scoff at the thought of going to the RAMC or SPS, but if you're good with a lot of Ops exeperience you'll be very successful there as well as at E2.

    Frankly, I think Reg Cs and IRCs are a stupid way to employ people. I believe none of us should have that sort of contract and we should renew or extend every three years. Keeps people on their toes and crap officers can be binned easier without a large cost to in redundancy. The Army would fight it though for that reason...they know the Army could bin the crap when they start coasting at SO2 and SO1.
  12. God let's not go down this line again...we all know the SPS only take top third. At least, it's what they tell me..
  13. Interesting thread - I agree that there are some good people out there who for quota reasons, do not make the cut. However, it is likely that the cut (made at APC by an all arms board) will play just as hard (and fairly) with those from the AMS (RAMC) when it comes to conversion (or indeed Beige) as they do with the CBT and CS cohort. As far as I am aware the RAMC are in the same position as the Infantry (with some not making the cut) - sign of the times and lack of cash I suspect??
  14. Like it or not some parts of the army are more competitive than others.

    IRCs and RegCs are competed for by Corps (and Inf Div) therefore an RAMC does not compete directly with an SPS officer, Inf officer, RAC officer, etc. The way this pans out (I believe) is that, as with promotion, for each board there is a "Quality Line" drawn under those who are assessed to be of sufficient quality. In some parts of the army, there are more IRCs/promotions than officers who clear the quality line; in most however, there are more officers who meet the basic quality requirement than IRCs/promotions available. In these more competitive boards, there is a "Competition Line" drawn under the top X many officers (where X is the number of IRCs/promotions available in that Corps/Inf Div). The Inf, RAC and I would strongly suspect RA, RE and others will all have to employ competition lines; however there are some Corps who may struggle (at least in some years) to find enough officers who reach the quality bar to award IRCs/promotions/etc. Clearly this must always balance with the E1 liability for each Corps, in each rank.
  15. Presumably the corps also have a higher demographic cull with females, in general, leaving earlier than men?