SSC and terminal leave

I am currently serving on a SSC engagement. I have approx 5 months left to run and due to personal circumstances I am considering not extending my commission and leaving the Army.
Am i entitled to terminal leave if I decide to leave the Army at the end of my SSC?
How much notice am i required to give my unit if i decide not to extend my commission?
Is there any other leave that I would be entitled to?

Many thanks in advance for any advice you can offer.
How many years of commissioned service do you have under your belt? I know that you state that you're considering not extending your commission, but have you done so in the past? If not, then 3 years return of service gets you no resettlement I'm afraid. Having said that, it depends upon how leniant your Regiment/Battalion is willing to be. I know of one poor soul who was overseeing the unloading of AFVs and their transport to a new barracks until the day they left. However, this was during a unit move and it was all hands to the pumps and the Army is well within its rights to expect you to work to the final day (even if we all secretly acknowledge that it's a bit jack!)

Any dramas or further Q's don't hesitate to PM me.


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I suggest you speak to your Adjutant or RAO. Do you have a resettlement officer near you ? If you are in the unfortunate position of being in a Joint unit with an RAO or civilian staff who do not understand what you are saying, try your last Regiment or dig out the relevant AGAIS/Regs and do some research - it is your future.

Ref leave - the least you should get pretty much all of your annual leave in.

Ref notice of intent to leave. It would be the correct thing to do to let your Chain of Command know ASAP and I think you should infrm MCM Div. I am a little surprised nobody has asked you about your future intent or asked you to extend - unless of course they are trying to tell you something...

The only other thing I would add is you say, "due to personal circumstances I am considering not extending my commission and leaving the Army." Do you really want to leave or are you in a position where you have little choice. Is there any way you can stay in and work through this - with some help perhaps ? I have found over the years we are not great at helping our officers when they have personal problems or issues...perhaps you could make it known to your CoC that there is an issue and you need their help. If you are any good the Army needs people like you to stay. If you are not any good then leave but either way we (the system through your CoC) owes it to you to help if we can.

Good luck.

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