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My wife is running the Bath half marathon for SSAFA in a few weeks. I will post the just giving link shortly.
I stayed at Norton House this weekend, and its absolutely brilliant. Mike and Liz (manager and deputy) are lovely, nothing is too much bother for them, the house is very comfortable, homely (and luxurious!), and it was so good to be able to spend time with my OH being a 'normal' couple, awy from Headley Court. He was allowed to stay Friday and Saturday nights, and I left today.

Thanks to everyone who helped with fundraising, and getting Norton House going. Its a fab facility to have :D :D


Glad you 'enjoyed' yourself Tartantotty & hope your O/H is well on the road to recovery.
Could someone do an in depth 'Pen Picture' of Norton House, explain what is on offer and how to access said facilities.

Like me there must be many who would welcome such information being more widely available.

Does it have a Web Site?



I have some photos of the inside Charlie, on another computer, I'll see what I can do tomorrow.


Highly unlikely:
SSAFA Norton House
SSAFA Norton House will allow family members to stay close to Headley
Court whilst visiting loved ones. Referrals to SSAFA Norton House will be
made by staff at Headley Court and family members will stay at the home
for around a week at a time.
I will send it to the local PCT's and RCGP's here in Humberside.

As neither seem to have the informtion they need for a speedy connection to the help that is out there.


Charlie, the help is Headley Court. If the individual is being treated by their local PCT they would have no need for Norton House.
I don't see how a PCT could use the facility. To use the facility someone must be at Headley Court.
As it would sem locally, so one must asume nationally, that with many serving soldiers now having GP's are their RMO, they need to know that perhaps the family needs to be kept together, or at least the chance of visiting the individual in care.

Locally they are really in the dark to what is open and where to access any of the help out there.

it was not until a reply from St Thomas's, was I able to inform the RCGP's locally that there is an Assessment Programme for those who have served since 1982, in fact they at St Thomas's say they will see anyone and if the forces charities are able to get the accomodation, they will see the whiole family, that in my very humble opinion is the way forward in Mental Health.


Your missing the point Charlie.
Norton House is for the exclusive use of families of guys/gals who are Headley Court. Therefore Headley Court are the ones who recommend/control who uses it.
It has nothing to do any other hospital. If someone attending St Thomas's needs accommodation for their family that is a separate problem.
And what I am saying locally, GP's did not even know about St Thomas's until I made them aware of what they offer serving and ex serving members of HM Forces.
Not did they know of what the TAVR can hope to get at Chillwell, but I'm still unclear of those who are EX TAVR, where do they get the help they need and please don't say in the NHS.

What with these 15 schemes set up nationally, then to be reviewed in two years, then what? And the NHS telling the press that the military and ex military get priority treatments, really. I know that they do in Hull because the C E in ex military and he understands something of the military need.

However, this does not seem to be the case, what with all the hoops the ex serviceman has to jump through attempting to prove his / her medical problem is "Service related", what a cop out that is for those who have served, being asked to prove that before they get the treatment.

The Mod has to accept there are very real problems out here and then with the NHS work together, but until the MOD take their heads out of the sand, little or nothing will change!
I took some pics, and will post them as soon as I get them on to PC.

I accessed Norton House through Social Work at Headley Court. They arrange all the bookings and send out all the info etc.

Norton House has 6 bedrooms - 4 double/twin and 2 family rooms. The 2 family rooms and 2 of the twin rooms are ensuite, and the other 2 rooms share a large bathroom.
The bedrooms are all upstairs but there is a lift for those who need it.

There is also a kids play room, a games room with x-box, ps etc and a huge TV, a sitting room with freeview and a big tv, settees and comfy chairs, a large open plan kitchen/dining room with 2 ovens, a big hob, 2 dishwashers, 3 fridges, a freezer, and all crockery etc. There is a laundry room that residents can use, and a big garden with patio, seating and a tennis court and basket ball hoop.

There is a cinema room as well with a 70" screen, and 2 tiers of reclining chairs!

All towels and linen are provided, and you get a 'see you in pack' with bread, milk, butter etc, and tea and coffee is also provided

Its all free of charge, but I am going to be doing fundraising to help get some more bits and pieces for the house, and I know a few of the other guests are too.

There are 2 members of support staff, who are both lovely, and a gardner and cleaner, who are also really nice.

Its an amazing place, and it means that you dont have the stress and extra expense of having to find b+b accomodation, and also the HC patient can stay over too if they are allowed.

Its about 5-10 mins walk from the centre of Ashtead,and 3 miles from HC. There are no buses, but staff can give you lifts if they are able to.


The £5M has been raised with the final £500K being donated by "Help for Heroes". Norton House is running well and planning permission is being sought for the property in Birmingham, where the local population has been consulted and is very supportive.

Good news all round :D

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