SSAFA Off Road Sprint Triathlon - 23 June 2007

Morning Chaps!

I've been asked to plug this event on ARRSE by a friend. I thought it'd be ok as it's a forces charity event. I know it's not aviation related, but it is at Wattisham...


Full Details
Off Road Sprint Triathlon - 23 June 2007
ENTRY:You must read the race pack and complete the entry form. THIS MUST BE RETURNED NO LATER THAN 04 JUNE with a cheque for the relevant amount made payable to HQ Wattisham Station.

Please include 2 x stamped SAE A4 sized envelopes;1 for your race info;1 for a copy of the results.There will be no entries on the day .

COST:Individuals -£15
Relay Teams -£20 (one team member per discipline)

RACE VENUE:The race HQ will be in the Physical &Recreational Training Centre (P&RTC)Wattisham Station, 8 miles west of Ipswich. Please note that the entry to this location is via Gate 1 which is sign posted and situated just off the B1078 by Great Bricett.


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