SSAFA Community Volunteers - Northolt/Uxbridge area

Evening all,

As the title suggests, SSAFA are calling out for people to do volunteer work in the area around RAF Uxbridge and Raf Northolt. SSAFA have only recently formed a committee for this area, and although adverts have been placed in various local publications, no-one has come forward so far. I've taken it upon myself to harness the vast networking powers of ARRSE to try to turn this around.

The job itself is hardly taxing, requiring only the desire to help people in their occasional hour of need. Tasks carried out can vary from walking the dogs or doing the shopping for someone with 7 kids while their hubby/wifey is off on tour, or something as simple as popping round for a reassuring chat and a cuppa once or twice a week.

Anyone interested please get in touch with me by PM for more details.

Thangyooverrymush. :D

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