SSAFA Anniversary Draw

I know it's on MOD Oracle, but methinks it deserves a mention here.
This year SSAFA Forces Help is celebrating the 25th Anniversary for the 3 Car Draw annual event.

Since 1981 Branches, Divisions and In-Service Committee's throughout the UK and Europe have been selling raffle tickets in aid of raising funds for the serving and ex-service men, women and their families in need.

To highlight the Jubilee theme, Peugeot Export in its 4 th year of supplying the events top three prizes, have commissioned all winning cars to be provided in Silver.

1st prize: Peugeot 307 Coupe Cabriolet Sport 1.6

2nd Prize:City Bug Peugeot 107 in 5 Door

3rd Prize: Peugeot 107 in 3Door.

There will also be three cash prizes of: £500, £250 and £100.

Raffle tickets are available to buy from your local branch and if you are currently serving within the armed forces please approach your SSAFA Forces Help Representative.


Find your local branch here
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