Does anyone know if SSA post has been upgraded to SSgt?

Been employed out of the loop a while and about to come back down to earth with a bang in August! Looking for a new post and trying to avoid FSA.
No definately not, however I have heard on the grapevine there may be a SSA assistant in the making due to the extra workload gained through JPA. I have a bored staffie as FSA aswell so if you do find a small niche for Staffies somewhere let me know
From the horse's mouth today - SSA is a newly promoted Sgts post normally followed by a tour as a Regt Acct.

That's what I have been told by CofC - seems nuts to me.

SSAs Asst has been granted funding for AI Bns at this moment. Most will be civvies - deep joy.
I thought that SSA and Regt Acct were to be second tour Sgts.

I know that's not the case very often, but that is no real surprise in our Corps?

So glad I have done 2 years as Sys Co-ord, 3 years as Regt Acct and I am now posted back to be Sys-Sgt. Hopefully I might know what I am doing by the time I get there :D

My own fault for not getting promoted :roll:
If they think you know what your doing they may promote you!



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