I could've sworn one of them was Lembed Opik. Couldn't been, not after sh*gging a Slav.


jonny3979 said:
There is just something a wee bit disturbing about getting hammered at Yuletide dressed as a member of the Nazi elite -

Or is it just me?
As opposed to dressing up in a large baggy red suit, obscuring your face with a beard and getting young children to sit on your lap while chanting yo-ho-ho? Or, drunkenly sh@gging the secretary on the photocopier at the office Xmas party? Merely dressing up as a member of the Royal Family seems a bit mild really.

Actually, it's Reich up my street.
like the report offensive content tab at bottom off home page.....obviosly not conncted


Book Reviewer
Only in Walterville can you dress as a Nazi and hold a pi$$ up to celebrate the birth of the Jesus (a Jew) :)

Is there anyone there who HASN't awarded them self an Iron Cross?!?!?!?


This still happens under a different pretence (albeit without the uniforms and props) in certain parts of Northern Germany also inhabited by HM's finest
the_boy_syrup said:
Only in Walterville can you dress as a Nazi and hold a pi$$ up to celebrate the birth of the Jesus (a Jew) :)
Good Friday might be more their cup of tea.
I know these military re-enactment societies are mostly harmless, and in some cases provide a good service at summer fetes, etc.
But yes, I find something very disturbing about a bunch of people going to that much trouble to dress up as Waffen SS, give Nazi salutes and obtain all that military equipment - in England.
In my honest opinion, they do no harm and in a way the German army had a fascinating array of uniforms and decorations. If I had the money, I would gladly collect German 3rd Reich militaria but I don't.

I'd rather see them doing this than child pornography!!!
Bunch of typical re enactor type turds that float around. Nothing but utter contempt for the Nazi loving types.
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