SS General Otto Kumm Meets Maker.

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by Seadog, Jun 17, 2004.

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  1. Otto Kumm, the last commanding general of the 1st SS Panzer Division Leibestandarte Adolf Hitler died in March aged 94. As military formations go, this division was pretty historically and militarily significant, however unsavoury some of its personnel and activities. I don’t know if Kumm was a war criminal or not but he remained a hard core Nazi. His view on the holocaust? ‘I never saw any evidence of it’. That’s that then. GQ would approve.

    Nazi holocaust denying tvat or not, I think his passing should be mentioned. I didn’t notice an obituary in any of the broadsheets.
  2. He's probably being interrogated by Satan's little elves as I type. Saw some hardcore ex serving Nazi's in Bavaria on Exercise Snow Queen back in the 80's. Old men dressed in uniform. Apparently it was an annual event, a meeting of old German comrades from WW2. The town was OOBs, but the PRI mini-bus took 'a wrong turning' and we spotted what looked like a scene from WW2 in the high street, albeit old blokes!
  3. Not a NAZI or white supremesist! However a lot of the SS units were frontline soldiers.not echelon nor policing type units......SS does not automatically mean concentration camp guard or mass murderer.
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  7. Gunny was ex RMP or even worse RAF POlice :? :? :roll: :?:
  8. oarlocks ss just good german soldiers :!: they were quite happy to massacre anyone they got hold of and commited loads of warcrimes .
    But so did ordinary rank &file members of the wermacht
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  10. Some did some didn't the majority were good soldiers...hey I don't condone the overall action.....then again i dont come from Lancashire either
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  12. SS does mean mass murder - frontline soldiers machine gunning Russian civilians on the Eastern Front, herding French civilians into barns (before lighting). exterminating the Warsaw ghetto and so on all count.

    I do have some slight sympathy for the sixteen year-old conscripted into the SS at gunpoint from some crappy part of Europe in April 1945 - but there my sympathy ends. There are (were I suppose these days as they're nearly all dead now) far too many ex-members out there who upon questioning claimed to have been attached to the flower arranging battalion, or the "being nice to foreigners" division.
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  13. I'm saying that not all SS soldiers were war criminals..hell i don't even like the Boxhead B'stards but I do resepect their soldiering ability.....but your generalisation can obviously mean that every Russian soldier can be classed as a murderer and rapist, all US soldiers where conspirators to their own particular Mai Lai...the French were in violation of human rights post 1945 agreements in their handling of the Algerian problem.the list is endless.........and i did not make a sweeping generalisation I just said that not all the natives of the QLR were guilty of prisoner abuse and that some of them were indeed good soldiers :?:
  14. You've been watching too many John Wayne war films.

    I have to agree with LetterWriter here: The SA (Sturmabteilung - Storm trooper) and the SS (Schutzstaffel - originally Hitler's body gaurds) were to start with military-like arms of the Nazi party. As far as I can tell by the time the war kicked off they became the sink for elite soldiers, existing under a different command structure to the regular army. Similar say to our paras/marines apart from the command structure.

    Because they were under Nazi command no doubt some units commited more such crimes than the regular army; but to paint them all with the same brush is not fair on some very good soldiers. We might just as well assume all American prison guards torture their prisoners because of some photos. (In fact I believe the POW camp gaurds were SS??)

    I've just skimmed this but it makes interesting reading (with the usual caveats for believing anything you read on the web):

    No doubt there are WW2 gurus on this site who know more!