SS-26 Bought By Syria

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by tomahawk6, Oct 10, 2005.

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  1. I seem to recall that the Russians have their own GPS system, one presumes that Russian built missiles would make use of Russian built satellites.

    So denying US GPS satellites might not be the most effective solution?
  2. I quote from the article:

    "The president also instructed the Defense Department to develop plans to disable, in certain areas, an enemy’s access to the U.S. navigational satellites and to similar systems operated by others."

    Russian GLONASS system only has 11 satellites which make's getting a fix problematic. The US has 24 GPS satellites.
  3. So GWB intends to destroy or downgrade a sovereign state's installations in space, despite that sovereign state being a third party to any Isreali - Syrian spat, in exactly the same way as the US would be? Because surely to jam the GPS signal at the critical phase, ie over Isreali targets would require jamming the signal over Isreal, the very people the US would want to be able to use it?

    And before the Bush administration get too keen on knocking everyone else's systems out, they might like to remember that the Russians have developed a nice range of cheap and effective GPS jammers, small ones too. The sort that you could pop in a bush, at the end of the runway at a large commercial airport. Possibly a US one, where I believe, I may be wrong here, that all ground based ILS systems have been switched off in favour of GPS.......

    Now I'm not suggesting the Russians would be so naive as to attempt a tit for tat retalliation, but they might not be so careful in preventing some of these handy little gizmos falling into the hands of our Islamikaze friends, who just love to be seen to respond 'in kind'.

    Food for thought isn't it?
  4. In a few years, the European Galileo system will have 30 satellites and greater accuracy than GPS.

    I can't ever see the US shutting down GPS. It might cross Dubya's mind briefly but I am sure there are enough advisors who would realise what a barking mad proposal that would be. The US military, for a start...
  5. Don't most ballistic missiles use INS anyway? Not that it's fantastically accurate, but then that only matters to late-70s "MIRVed World" Strangelove theorists when you're chucking NBC nasties around. Frankly, a conventional ballistic missile is as useful as tits on a fish - just think how many tons of HE you could send for the same amount of money by good old artillery, and without having the spams get their knickers in a twist because they assume you've got alien clap virus, sarin and instant sunshine up the spout when in fact all you've got is a bunch of really, really expensive Mk83s.
  6. There's a bilateral agreement between the US and the EU that each will degrade the information on their sytem at the request of the other. Even if they do that there is a way around it called Differential GPS, so it's pretty pointless.
  7. But you can't use arty over 400km like you can with this toy (not that you need to do that with Israel since it's barely that long!)
  8. No, but assuming Syria has an air force, what do you want it for? Sure, the Israelis will have air superiority, but you're going to need a lot of SS-26s to get through all your deep strike targets - after all, they can only be used once.
  9. The Russian system is known as GLONASS.
    I'm not sure if it, or the GALILEO system are any more resistant to third party jamming than GPS has proved to be.