Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by BWsamwatt, Jun 20, 2011.

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  1. Hi guys, would like to know a general outline of SRR selection, and if anyone has recently done it some hints and tips. Replies to inbox if you want.
    Thanks very much.
  2. Get a copy of 2011DIN01-104 and 2011DIN07-101 from your unit.
  3. good luck
  4. Good luck indeed.

    It takes that certain someone to do something like that; a person with the right aptitude. So if you get binned it doesn't necessarily mean you're no good, the staff just may think you've not quite got the correct personal attributes.

    I'm sure you used to be able to visit a brief local to yourself when their tour bus visited. I attended a couple for something similar and thought they were very good.

    Hope you get what you want.

  5. Roger thanks for that bit of info, however there is only so much you can learn whilst going square eyed, a bit of personal experiences/hints/tips would be greatly appreciated!
  6. I'm sure there is the opportunity to ask all the questions you have at the SF Briefing Course, those on here who are in the know will be unstandably reluctant to divulge anything over civi internet.
  7. A good point well made. I'm not too concerned TTP wise, more on the fitness programme so that I'm adequately prepared and can do a mock run even before turning up for the briefing course.
  8. The one day pre-course interviews etc consisted of a 1 hour session in the gym, followed immediately after by a timed BFT (well, that was the case pre-SRR days). Be prepared to run 1.5 miles, already hanging out of your arrse.
  9. I'm no expert but I'd have thought one of the qualifying requirements for joining the SRR might be not to tell the whole online world that Sam Watt from the Black Watch might be trying to join. I can only hope it is a pseudonym (at which stage I'll get back in my box); if it is your real name, you might want to take a hard look at yourself and ask if you are really the right man for the job.
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  10. Everyone knows that The Black Watch no longer exist... surely I would be 3ScotsSamWatt?

    However on a serious note I have been onto Admins about getting my username changed to no avail.
  11. The fitness routine can be supplied from the Training Wing if you phone up and ask. It's not revolutionary, combination of circuits, running and marching with weight. Fighting Fit can tell you all that if you really need a book, failing that, any of the public available phys routines for AAPPS or AACC would do just as well - just ask your PTIs.

    And because I'm feeling generous:

    Fighting Fit: Complete SAS Fitness Training Handbook: Adrian Weale: Books
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  12. I failed it, badly.

    Hope that helps.
  13. That's because you're cornish.
  14. How ******* dare you.
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  15. Nehustan

    Nehustan On ROPs

    Fellow at Queensway, you did ask for a demo; drinks on you. Classic reaction at being rumbled...wanna watch that...

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