SRR Inauguration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by CardinalSin, Sep 5, 2005.

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  1. How very exciting!


    The new UK Special Reconnaissance Regiment, which became operational in April 2005, held its inaugural parade on Friday 2nd September 2005 at an undisclosed location.

    At the parade, Secretary of State for Defence, John Reid, and Chief of the General Staff General Sir Mike Jackson took the salute from the Commanding Officer.

    Welcoming this milestone in the Regiment's history, Defence Secretary John Reid said:

    "The Special Reconnaissance Regiment is one of the new capabilities generated as part of the reshaping of our Armed Forces. They have greatly improved support to world-wide operations at a time when they are needed most in the ongoing fight against international terrorism."

    Following an inspection of the Regiment, the Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Mike Jackson told the assembled men and women:

    "New threats require an agile and flexible response from the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, who will have a central role in operations across the globe. I have complete faith in your ability and you have my full support."

    Individuals from all ranks of the Special Reconnaissance Regiment, wearing their respective parent Service uniforms with the new SRR Regiment berets, participated in the parade.

    Once the Special Reconnaissance Regiment had formed up, the Commanding Officer gave a salute to the Secretary of State, Chief of the General Staff and the Deputy Chief of Defence Staff (Commitments), Lt General Sir Rob Fry. An inspection of the Regiment by the Chief of the General Staff was then followed by a general salute by the Regiment. The concluding Regimental march-past was accompanied by the Parachute Regiment Band.

    The new Special Reconnaissance Regiment (SRR) is part of the enhanced Special Forces requirement identified in the Strategic Defence Review 'New Chapter' published in July 2002, which stated that the Ministry of Defence was: "planning to enhance the capabilities of our Special Forces and their enablers to maximise their utility and flexibility."

    The Regiment draws its volunteer personnel from serving members of all three of the Armed Forces and operates under the command of Director Special Forces as part of the UK Special Forces group. It does not have a reservist component. Using a wide range of specialist skills and activities related to covert surveillance, the Special Reconnaissance Regiment provides support to international operations and reinforces the defence contribution to the Government's comprehensive strategy to counter international terrorism.
  2. That would have been a sight to behold.(Especially the kilted gentleman-I expect he'll be as pleased with his new headgear as the Castle RSM appeared to be with his new cap badge)
  3. It must have been chaos. Most of them haven't seen No2 dress in years (esp the PC lot) - I bet the tailor was as busy as f***. Now the scaley techs etc can't big-time it anymore with their long sideys and civvy clothes. They'll need to wear the beige beret as per support arms at H. I'm assuming the capbadge will only worn by Ops who have passed the cse.
  4. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Presumably the chap in the picture above is RM - he's got a Naval LSGC in his medal group. I bet he's pleased as punch to swap his swampy green lid for a nice biege item....
  5. Classic bit of deception - the band were the real SRR bods :wink:
  6. of course you cannot see the faces of those who were there , plenty of materials for the walts "I was there !" very little history so it should eb easy to walt it for a bit :lol:
  7. Well, at least there's no beret badge to be polished!

  8. .......I was there!
  9. I think you'll find the SRR absorbs most (all?) of the personnel from a unit which only had a role in one 'Country' and is now deployed on a worldwide basis.
  10. sknn wrote

    May be a Royal Marine Bandy looking for adventure, not that the SRR will be in uniform often enough for anyone to get too upset about the hat. Perhaps he was given it as a 'flash' test.

    That Death's Head looking cap badge will cause some Guardian readers problems.

  12. Skull enough and violent looking. Sinister said a Liberty spokesperson who demanded something more reflective of the vibrant multicultural society that the SRR will serve.

    (Or is that ob-serve?)
  13. It looks like the wearer has just had his throat stabbbed under his faceshield.

    Where did you get the info about liberty from?

  14. I cannot possibly comment,but I hate my new hat :lol:
  15. The spokesman is quite clearly a f***ing mutant! (man I haven't used that word for ages :D I love it)

    Since when were they "serving a vibrant mulicultural society"? Bloody pish. Obviously been taking mind-bending substances.