SRP joining as a CMT

Discussion in 'Professionally Qualified, RAMC and QARANC' started by Mr_d, Sep 7, 2009.

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  1. Hi,
    I’m just curious, what would a state registered paramedic have to do for phase 2 training if they were going to become a CMT in the regular army? Would they have to a conversion course or start from scratch inline with phase 2 CMT training?

  2. You'll still need to learn how the military does it. Military trauma is a lot different to the usual blunt injury seen by civilians. We’re carrying different equipment, use different guidelines.
    I'm sure that your professional registration will be a great advantage once you've settled into the military. Your unit should support your registration and provide time for your clinical. Serving Paramedic’s are able to maintain CPD in various ways mostly through higher education (distance learning) and shifts will local trusts, any training carried out plus any clinical articles read all go towards CPD.
  3. If you are an SRP fook being a CMT be an RAF Medic, I think they are giving em 15K every few years just to keep hold of em.
  4. Fakin crabs, how often has that happened??? Still lower band pay structure, if it's that good why can't they keep em? Plus a crap gay uniform :p
  5. I got told by my cmt 3 (v) instructor that SRP joining the regs do a 4 week conversion course and get 1 class status.
  6. I've not heard of that. Can't imagine it. Still need to learn all the Primary Health Care, med centre stuff. Would have thought that you'd be loaded onto a normal common core course. Ring em.
  7. hmmm
  8. What the fook!!!! what, why? - you fookin numpty. What are you doing?

    Speak to the BPA. Paramedics should be bought into line with the recruiting strand of Doc and Nurses. The mil are desperate for Paramedics, but still insist that they go back to day one trg.

    The only reason the mil get away with this, is because some paramedics are signing on as J/Rnk CMT recruits. You've trained for anything between 3 and 5 years, and then done shed loads more just so that you can become a Paramedic (I'm assuming you're on the HPC register) then you want to go back to day one, so that you can work for an establishment that underpays and undervalues you. Geeeeez mukka. Wake up and smell the coffee.

    Do yourself and the industry a favour. DO NOT SIGN ON YET. Wait to see how this issue plays out with the head sheds.

    My personal view is that Paramedics should be bought in to the mil in the same way that Padres, Docs and Nurses are.

    Paramedics are highly trained specialists and pre-hospital clinical managers - so treat them as such.

  9. why? what else can your average paramedic offer the army?
  10. The aquaduct? What? The aquaduct Oh yeah, yeah, they did give us that, that's true. And sanitation. Yes, the sanitation, remember what the city used to be like, Reg. Yes OK, I'll grant you, the aquaduct and sanitation are two things the Romans HAVE done. And the roads! Well yes obviously the roads, I mean the roads go without saying, don't they! But apart from the sanitation, the aquaduct and the roads... Irrigation! Medicine! Education! Yeah, all right, fair enough. And the wine... Yes, that's something we'd really miss if the Romans left. Public baths! And it's safe to walk the streets at night now Reg. Yes, they certainly know how to keep order. Only ones who could in a place like this! All right. But APART from the sanitation, medicine, education, wine, public order, irrigation, roads, a fresh water system and public health, what have the Romans ever done for us?! Brought peace!
  11. If you don't know the answer to that yourself bro, you're in the wrong job. Furthermore, this is not exclusively an Army problem. It's a military problem.

    UKSF are actively recruiting civvy Paramedics to support them. Why shouldn't the same support be given to others within a battle group?

    And before you think I'm some civvy paramedic talking out of his 'ahole', I'm an ex CMT1 now civvy paramedic, so I can tell you that the roles and responsibilities are worlds appart.

    It would take me about 3 minutes to get used to the mil again, BUT they will only take me and others as J/Rnk CMTs AND I'd have to start again? WTF is all that about.

    Lions lead by donkeys comes to mind.

  12. Im not talking about the role as a paramedic, Doctors and nursing officers also take on other military and command roles, a paramedic who commissions would be expected to do the same, we more or less have these already, they are called MSOs. (more or less meaning non doctor RAMC officers). The RAMC are training CMTs as paramedics these days, do you expect the to commssion all of these?

    what would the role of the commissioned paramedic be? and where would these commissions come from? the army doesnt just make new commissions as and when, when new slots are made, they are taken from somewhere else.
  13. No of course not.

    1. why should a paramedic only be commisioned into a support role
    2. if a paramedic is joining as someone who is already qualified as a health care pro, then yes they should be commisionable.
    3. if someone joins the mil as a recruit CMT/MA whatever, with a view to becoming a paramedic as part of their career progression over say 10 years, then it would be reasonable for those individuals to be S/NCOs by that time. That would tie in with the fact that paramedics are by definition clinical managers and generally clinical lead in pre-hospital emergencies.
    4. this would be in keeping with nursing. In that a qualified RNG who applies to the mil is commisionable. However, join the mil as a student nurse, and you'll be a Cpl or similar after qual, and a S/NCO fairly quickly thereafter, and a staff nurse.
    5. A similar system should be introduced for paramedics
    6. at the moment there is a dilemna, in that, a paramedic that happens to be a J/Rnk MAY have to direct and supervise the actions of a S/NCO CMT during an emergency?

    Now I am the last person to dis CMTs/RMAs/RAF Medics/RM&RN MAs. I've been one, so I know how competant SOME of them can be. All I'm saying is that in keeping with other mil trades, the mil needs to get a grip. They will only do that if we take a stand. And when I say WE I include all MAs from all services in conjunction with Paramedic - afterall, it's the MAs that will benifit in the future.

  14. A Paramedic working in the field needs to be be compitent in primary health care. This makes up the largest percentage of their work. ENT, Skin, EH blah blah blah. A civi Paramedic aint got a clue about these. Hence they dont usually get on the rigs and are unsuitable for remote medicine.

    This experience comes with your normal CMT career progression. Keogh followed by exposure to patients during routine med centre sick parades/med covers ect. Remote medicine experience is gained whilst on Ex/Ops. Mentoring is usually carried out by your more experienced medics, QA's and hopefully an experiened MO

    - if its a junior Doc, the crow will probably be showing them things like how to pack their kit/fasten boot laces ect :p

    All CMT's need this background. If they specialize great. But when one of your patrol requires an ankle strapping, has tooth ache, has foot rot, requires minor wound closure, something in his eye, has crotch rot he aint gonna be interested in you being a Paramedic is he???
    I'm a Paramedic I know.....

    PS: I'm sure the BPA would be interested in this..... NOT
  15. What planet are you on geezer. A bit behind the times me thinks. Not your fault, because that's how everybody sees the profession.

    FYI: Paramedics these days work in A&E, Doctors surgeries, minor treatment centres, rehab centres, on rigs (once they've done the offshore medics course), on expeds all over the world and in any climate, we cover OOH doctors calls, we're about to get prescribing rites, we're about to be approved for RSI trg (which will be of particular benifit to the mil), then there's HEMS and air ambulance, rapid response vehicles, aid to police and fire service, aid to the S&R teams, aid to military for hazardous training (I was working with the Army last Friday), some mil med centres are staffed by civvy paramedics (RMCTC comes to mind) and Oh yeah! we occasionally work on ambulances.

    Geezer, I'm not suggesting that a paramedic who is pure civvy NHS and never been mil, could step into your role. I'd be the first to oppose such a move. However, some of us work in some pretty weird places, including the pit. It's those that could be bought into the system in a 4 week training period of SAA, phys, refresh BATLS/BARTS, and deployed to support the mil.

    I don't see why whenever this discussion rears it's head, it runs the risk of degenerating into some sort of pissing contest. We're all trying to achieve the same thing aren't we?

    As for the BPA, of course they would be interested. They have a vested interest in anything that promotes the industry and profession and helps it to evolve. That includes military medicine.

    I wonder if this negativity comes from 'the messes'. At the moment of course, they're the top dogs. They may fear a loss of clinical supervisory capability if paramedics were routinely recruited? Just a thought.