SRM-Sy Risk Managment

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by thenaughtyintsprite, Jun 6, 2005.

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  1. The boss went through this with us yesterday, anyone else seen it yet and what do you think about it?

    ps if you havent seen it ,it will have a massive affect on the way you write reports in a mucho bad way :evil:
  2. a great idea then :)
  3. Bone post deleted - must have mis-read something. Or just made a bone post.

    Takes pace to the rear and fcuks self off at the high port.
  4. If this is an innovation in the way the Corps conducts its' business then the Corps is behind the rest of the world by a decade or two. I somehow doubt it, as I know that there are a number of senior people who've been up to their necks in researching the best ways of assessing security risk. Out in the world we've had to be at the leading edge in it, since business practice nowadays is so thin on margins that the old woolly ways won't cut it any more.

    That is, if we're talking about the same thing. Loughborough and the other place do Masters' in the subject.
  5. Like most "new" things it might come across as a pain in the arrse, but you'll probably thank them for it when it comes to getting a civi job.
  6. What is wrong with it then, in general terms?
  7. I have it on (reasonably) good authority that most SRM stuff is templated to death anyway and its introduction is a "good thing" :)
  8. These things are what cut-and-paste were invented for.
  9. Once it is being taught at Quicksands then the newbies will not know any difference. I can't see a great deal of difference in reports except we are making 'security make sense' by giving out more options and feasible solutions to Unit problems. It is already templated to death and once you send out your best PS spotter to do a good report then you do what all good operators do, cut & paste!
  10. Alternatively, stay well away from a Sy Sect and you will not have to worry. Works for me anyway
  11. Have you been in long enough to realise that the Corps dosen't work like that, if you hate security and are terrible at it, you're guarenteed to spend half of your carrer there! (unless your a dark sider linguist type and they don't count anyway)
  12. yeah - top trick, on your pref posting form list places you really, really dont want to go.....

    (However MCMDiv are mindreaders and will see through this bluff in seconds...... :))