Sri Lankan cricketers attacked in Pakistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by angular, Mar 3, 2009.

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  1. Good reporting and photos by the Smail as usual.

    Chinese type 51 pistol perhaps - Nope its a sub-machine gun?
  2. Chalk another one up for the religion of peace....
  3. Hopefully this will shut the international cricket community who were pushing for matches to be played in Pakistan.

    I'm sure if the Aussies hadn't told them to ram it, that the ECB (weak and spineless gits they are) would have forced England players to go to Pakistan.
  4. The lengths people are going to to make cricket more interesting...
  5. Kind of torpedoes the argument that all these radicals are just angry about the Iraq war and Western oppression, doesn't it?
  6. Nope still failed... :sleepy:
  7. I know the Pakistanis are cheating gits, but I didn't think they would stoop this low to win a match!
  8. They could at least let them get on the pitch first!
  9. it's just not cricket............

    Coat, Taxi!
  10. I'm impressed with the Pakistan approach to bomb disposal :D

  11. Dodgy cunt's probably an Engineer! He'll be in all the Pakistani papers big timing it and asking for a medal, while behind the scenes the will be someone clearing his mess up.
  12. The route was changed and they were still successfull in their attack and all 12 escaped. Was it leaked or just a case of follow that big bus??
  13. Bit of a shit effort. 12-14 of them.
  14. Valid point, but Sky news seems to be all over this today. I think the 'route change' was minor, as the hotel may have been close to the ground, giving limited scope. The bus driver drove through and onwards to the relative safety of the ground, presumable immediatly.

    Sky are talking about 'well trained terrorists' but from the pictures of the attack that seems to be stretching it a bit, and the fact that they failed to hit the target properly (the Sri Lankan team). I suspect it was well planned but the attackers were a bit biff- like in execution.

    Were the attackers tipped off? Perhaps but they seem to have been well spread out leading me to suspect that they were felxible, or even fluid, in planing.

    Editted to add.
    It doesnt really matter as this is being reported all over the world so perhaps failing to kill the Sri Lankan team matters not...