Sri Lanka rebels in new air raid

Tamil Tiger rebels have carried out an air raid on targets in and around Sri Lanka's capital, Colombo.
Two fuel facilities were bombed in what the rebels said was in response to an army strike on their positions.

One gas storage depot was set ablaze, officials said. It is not clear if there were any casualties.

Authorities turned off Colombo's power, as large crowds gathered to watch Sri Lanka play Australia in cricket's World Cup final.

Hours after the attack, Sri Lankan Air Force jets pounded Tiger-held areas in an effort to destroy their aircraft.

During the raid on the capital, government troops fired anti-aircraft guns and cut power to Colombo, its airport and an adjoining army base.
Raid allegedly carried out using a Zlin 143

Interesting analysis by an Indian Navy Commodore 2 years ago on capability
According to the BBC webpage the tamil tigers have been smuggling in parts of these planes and assembling them in the jungle like some giant airfix kit.

How poor is the Sri Lankan military capability that they couldn't stop this air raid?

Nice ceasefire they've got goin there by the way.

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