Sri Lanka MOD teed off with the Press?

Sounds like the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence is a little upset with a journalist's reporting.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Defence Press Release said:
Mr. Iqbal Athas, the defence columnist of Sunday Times*, seems to be disturbed by our exposure of his role in the pro-terrorist propaganda machine. In response he has made several serious allegations against the defence authorities in his column titled from a military acronym SITREP or Situation Report published on the Sunday Times on the 4th May. While acknowledging his freedom to publish any fiction or whatever personal grievances he has in a newspaper, we would like to clarify the following issues since they are subtly but implicitly aimed at attacking the integrity of the defence authorities.

Firstly, Mr. Athas alludes that the defence authorities have embarked on an "official mission" to trace him and intimidate him about his work. Like in all his unsubstantiated "situation reports", here too he fails to give any details but writes a few fictitious sentences that best suits a cheap detective novel than a serious defence analysis. He says he is being hunted by some "suspicious characters wielding pistols or grenades, stalking outside his home," "motorbike riders" following him and other scary stuff. He creates a ridiculous image of intelligence officials in this country having no other work than go behind the stooges of terror stooges in the media, at a time when the war against terrorism is at its fullest.

Dear Mr. Athas, do you seriously believe that the defence authorities in this country are silly enough to deploy intelligence officers to follow a crap writers like you? ...
* Sri Lanka Sunday Times
Full text here:

At least they can't be accused of being too PC :D

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