Srebrenica? There are too many gays in the Dutch army.

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by KGB_resident, Mar 19, 2010.

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    How would it be commented in the Soviet mass media

    Headline: Moral decay of capitalist system leads to a corruption of NATO armies.

    Now, even high ranked representatives of NATO countries recognize the realities. Recently, decorated American general Sheehan described the Dutch army as overcrowded by homosexuals and thus helpless and useless. Dutch working class is not eager to serve to corrupted capitalist elite and to take part in aggressive adventures of Washington’s hawks. In this situation, Dutch puppets of American imperialists resort to recruit drug takers, criminals and even homosexuals as ‘soldiers’. But it is not a cause to relax. Under the leadership of the Communist party our warriors are ready to stop this criminal gang and to defend the ideals of socialism, our allies and friends.
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  2. I think spineless dutch politicians had more to do with it then a few g@ys...
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  3. Too right, every dutch female soldier I've tried to chat up has fucked me off, bloody lesbians. (this also applies to nearly every other female Ive met)

    Edited because the small type has got a lot bigger in five years.
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  4. A ridiculous assumption used to support his not very well hidden bigotry.

    The yanks two greatest military allies Britain and Israel have gays openly serving in their armies. With no problems. Does the general question their testicular fortitude?

    What an idiot.
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  5. Am glad the Senate are seeking and probably employ a balanced view.
    I bet the Senate panel thanked him for his experienced point of view and asked for that Son-of-a-Bitch Faggot to come in next and testify.

    Total cunt.
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  7. i just read this and thought it was one of the most ridiculous claims i have ever read. i shared a camp with those same dutch forces, arriving just a few weeks after srebrenica. i had many dutch friends from the dutch transport company, and never heard any mention of this rubbish.

    and by the way, never noticed any serious morale problems with the dutch either - let alone over any gay soldiers serving with them. morale was sky high, they were extremely well-paid national servicemen on excellent contracts (far better paid than us). the only issues i saw were a) bitterness and embarrassment over lack of support, leading to fall of srebrenica and b) one lad shot himself the morning he was supposed to go on R&R, because he didn't want to go home to his wife. 8O
  8. It this quote is accurate, surely he is hoisted by his own petard? How gay is that comment?
  9. Just when you thought there couldn't be any more bullsh1t piled on the Srebrenica story...

    Quite apart from the fact that the absence of a few gays is somewhat unlikely to have increased the capability of a lightly armed sub-strength battalion to have stood up to a mechanised brigade, General Sheehan seems oblivious to the fact that Dutch culture is different to that of the USA and that this has been a non-issue for quite a long time. I'm the last bloke to go in for knee-jerk anti-Americanism, but on this one I'm thankful that I live in Europe.
  10. Wonder if something was contributing to that...................... :p

    Met lots of Cloggies in Bosnia and they were good blokes, all willing to do a good job. This blokes talking arrse
  11. Snigger..............................
  12. To be honest its not much of a surprise analysis is it. This report says it all...

    YouTube Clip - Is the Navy dangerously Gay?

    After all Gays muck about and distract people, they nudge people when they are shooting...
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  13. What a load of toss. The man's a cretin.

    Speaking of cretins, I wonder if arrse's very own turbulent priest is monitoring this thread? :x
  14. You don't do satire then?
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  15. The Americans normally don't!