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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by polar, Jul 21, 2004.

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  1. So TA will fall into the new large Regimental Structure. The new regular regiments will be based on the parent division (Kings, Queens, Prince of Wales). We have many TA regiments, which are multi cap badged but are made up of regts accross this division.

    Does that mean the WFR coys in the East Of England Regt (Queens Div) has to move to
    West Midland or Kings& Cheshire Regt (both Prince of Wales Div). With RRF Coys going the other way.

    What about the London Regt (Queens Div) they may need to loose the RGJ elements (2nd London Bn I noticed on hear recently -- London Rifles Regt perhaps.

    But Helicopter Support teams ...... I can see another transfer on the way
  2. 4 RGJ will ride again. :D
    Remember, anything under a six-man lift is fair game.
    You have been warned. :wink:
  3. 4 RGJ will ride again. :D
    Remember, anything under a six-man lift is fair game.
    You have been warned. :wink:
  4. Actually, the RGJ will lose the London Regiment element... :wink:

    Resistance is Futile...
  5. :lol: :lol: :lol:
    Parting will be such sweet sorrow...durch
  6. The Light Div never had the London Regt?? 8O
  7. Umm, Polar, I think BB was posting along the lines of the old headline 'Fog in Channel: Continent Cut Off'.
  8. I hate to point it out guys, but the paper says the new large Regs that the TA become integrated with will be single cap badge - and since you are companies of the London Regiment (not, however much you would like, companies of the RGJ) - and therefore companies of a TA Bn in the Queens Div - you will face the same fate as the rest of us.
  9. I refer the honourable gentleman for Scotland (South) to my first post on this thread.

    Course, the humint could be dodgy but it was a pretty influential hum...
  10. Fine - but you are not RGJ companies, you are London Regiment companies! - in the same way that A Coy is not (unfortuantly) a Scots Div Coy any more, nor C Coy part of the RRF - so I would have thought that you will be treated exactly as any other London Reg company is going to be.
  11. Londons only have 2 queens div coys out of 6 at present.

    2nd Bn Londons could be light div Bn and still be multi cap badge (RGJ and LIR)
  12. As I understood it all the regular regiments will retain their individual cap badges under a larger parent regiment. A posting within a regiment would mean changing cap badge, stable belt, etc - I'd expect all Sgt/Officers mess to adopt a mix of mess kits.
    If the TA units were to adopt a single cap badge I would presume it would be a new badge? (Too much infighting/bad feeling to make RGJ etc adopt another badge)
    Here you find another problem, do you base the badge on:
    1. New badge based on the 50's bde badges (Mercians, Anglians, Yorshire's etc)
    2. Badge based on the current (regular regiment badges)
    3. Badge based on the original volunteer regiments badges.

    3 would be acceptable to all TA RGJ, as the majority of all the volunteer regiments were rifles. Every infantry coy I've been in originally had a rifle badge (inc the LI coys in Yorkshire - Yorkshire Rifle Volunteers!).
  13. Agreed there are only 2 Queens Div coys by capbadge, but as the 6 Coy London Reg - which like it or not, and regardless of capbadge - is what we are (at the moment!) we are regarded as a TA Bn of the Queens Div this is how we are entered on the Army List and how we will be treated.

    I think the LIR might object to being part of the Light Div too - we have Rifles in our name - LSRV - (and are proud of it) - but it doesn't make us Light Div.

    I guess it is going to be a wait and see thing, but I'm pretty sure that if 2 LONDONS is formed it will be a pretty even mix of companies - and worst case all wearing one cap badge (and it won't any of our present ones :cry: )

    edited - too many regards!
  14. Polar - yes I hope we can keep our badges, but the CGS's notes do specifically say single cap badge Regiments, which the TA will be incorporated into as far as possible
  15. [​IMG]
    One of the more famous members of the Royal Flying Corps or Sherwood Foresters. Capt Albert Ball VC

    But if you look closely he's wearing a Rifle badge
    (1/7th Bn (Robin Hood Rifles) Sherwood Foresters, RFC attached)