Squirting - Fact or Fiction?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by rikstar012, Sep 29, 2010.

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  1. Well I thought I would open the floor to this somewhat taboo question. I recently was on the receiving end of a woman who most defo had the ability to squirt, in fact, she managed to completely soak me.

    Have to admit it was a strange but very sexy moment! Although bless her she was quite embarrassed.

    So has anyone else able to expand on the subject of female ejaculation?
  2. I think you'll find at her age it's called incontinence
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  3. I have been left awash on occasion. It's quite a sensation when she's pounding away on top and it's running down your balls..... :0
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  4. My old bird did a Gush in my mouth once during some 68 action., I thought it was pish at first but tasted quite different.
  5. Shagged a munter a while ago that could squirt, a bit of a shock the first time but found it quite erotic in a weird way.
  6. Was that back in 1968? ^_~
  7. Brotherton Lad

    Brotherton Lad LE Reviewer

    68 hey?
    That was quite a year.
  8. I also had an experience where a bird filled my mouth with fluid. Not unpleasant when you are lost in sexual ecstasy though.
  9. WHA shield on,

    N0 she never partook of so always owed me 1.
  10. I've been fortunate to find x3 birds who could squirt, one in a quite spectacular way, it's for winners!:)
  11. Met a few who did this all fucking over me, first one had a pillion ride on the back of my 900 ninja, had just had varicous vein surgery and she properly wet her own bandages and me up

    My mates sister is queen of squirting and has no shame about it, which is alright aslong as you ain't underneath her scoffy her bean when it happens, very messy, warm and a little bit slimy. sits in your collar bone dips!!

    Been shagging an older bird recently, I reckon she is a squirter or my massive girth slamming against her pisser causes her to jump off in need of a piss

    So to conclude,

    1. I have a massive love club
    2. I satisfy a lot of women sexually
    3. I should probably stay away from birds just out of hospital, at least for their own sake
  12. I'd say about 1 in 10 is. Stimulating the g-spot seems to be the most reliable way.
  13. I wonder how you figure? Do you drink pish daily to compare?

    Check this out if Squirt is your thing: YouPorn.com Lite (BETA) - Porn (NSFW)

    It has happend to my gf at the time once, when I was still a young lad and there was no internet and no forums to ask odd questions. Told my mates, they did not believe me were sure I was pissed on. My favorite porn starlet is Lily Thai and she does quite a bit of that. Also, this guy who was portrayed in the US series 'Family Business', Seymore Butts is into this big time and has done some instructional videos...

    As far as the female anatomy is concerned, it shoots out of the peehole and I doubt it is any different from pee. Mind you this is based on HD movie observation, not some research I have conducted in a lab, sadly.
  14. It's not piss - just don't ask how I know, you'll have to trust me on this!;-)
  15. IS it a sercret only known to Welsh gnomes?