Squirrel...no French...no squirrel

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by Howayman, Jun 2, 2006.

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  1. Latest news from the Ivory Towers.....

    Corps Colours are:

    Cypress Green...

    and Squirrel Gray.

    Surely that should be French Gray
  2. Or even "grey"?
  3. I've always thought of them as:

    Gopping Green
    Gipping Grey
    and in the middle of my belt
    Strawberry Jam Red (seedless of course)

    I'm also glad to know the important issues are under control, maybe we can have a few more badges to add to my Bde patch/flash/TRF/Senior Officers brainfart or whatever it's called? At my age I do so like looking like a boy scout.
  4. Squirrel Grey as in grey squirrel?

    Someone should point out to them that British squirrels are red. Grey squirrels are damned yankees.
  5. I always thought it was Squirrel Grey.. but then at least they are actually grey. French people generally aren't. They're just cnuts.
  6. Apparently instructors at Winchester are teaching squirel grey deliberately - though they never get to see the result of their stitch up when a phase 2 tries to tell CSM Templer the Corps colours don't include French Grey...
  7. Personaly, I prefer Battleship Grey, much more credible than something named after a small vegetarian rodent or cheese eating surrender monkey!

    Why don't we start a poll on these three options, Battleship Grey, Squirrel Grey or Spineless Frog Grey. I would do one myself but I'm far too busy. Maybe CRmeansCeilingReached will do it, it's been about 3 hours since he last started a thread!
  8. Absolutely true... British Squirrels are definately NOT Grey!
  9. maybe ill start a poll on whether you should suck my ass :)
  10. Arf...
  11. Ooooh, hark at her!!!!!! :lol:
  12. what about 'grey man' grey
  13. I thought it was more silver, though I am wearing my glam rocker version...