Squirral fiasco

Send key setting, over.
Or Sarah Jane from BBC's Sarah Jane's adventures?
I assume you think you do, otherwise you wouldn't be asking the question?

If it's what I think you're talking about then I was there at the time but I don't really care what actually happened.


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Who knows the whole story of last year involving COMARRC and Sarah-Jane versus the system?
Outstanding, perhaps nobody has told you and you have not picked this up in the other press outlets, but the News of the World have gone out of business and are not hiring. Stop trying to show them what a good investigative journalist you are! :)
I feel sorry for the squirrel. The quarter hasn't been the same since, either.
COMMARC's wife is called sarah jane, are we getting warmer? Well he isnt COMMARC any more but he was last year.
The "COMM" bit stands for "Chalice of Mary Magdelene" which is otherwise known as the Arc of the Covenant, or the Holy Grail. "ARC" refers to Joan of Arc. Nobody but the select few know that she was in fact the guardian of the Holy Grail during her lifetime. Sarah-Jane is a code name, used by a shadowy organisation belonging to the inner sanctum of the Catholic Church, answerable only to the Pope.

Oh, is that the time? I must go off to bed. I'm reading a most excellent factual book by Dan Brown, the famous theological historian, and can't wait to get stuck into chapter 12.

Is the squirrel relevant?

Mark The Convict

It's Chapter 13 you've got to watch out for; the first page is impregnated with a powerful contact poison. Stops people from learning The Secret, y'see.

Mark The Convict

The squirrel has a treasure map tattooed on it, but all the clues are in Aramaic. * still marks the spot though.
One of our team leaders has what looks like a squirrel in a cage. It is about a third of the size of a UK squirrel and its tail isn't as bushy.

I felt sorry for it so I fed it some 60 proof Laos vodka. The bloody thing has a tongue over an inch long and it slurped the vodka like a Saturday night chavette.

After consuming about a bottle cap full of the Laos rocket fuel it started to do the most amazing gymnastics in its cage. The display went on for about 20 minutes before it subsided and curled up quivering in the bottom of its cage.

It woke up again a few hours later and proceed to shit all over its cage. Bad tempered bugger, it tried to bite my fingers when I offered it some more rocket fuel.

PG should be proud of me!
Don't worry - the squirrel's been taken care of.


(Look - someone had to post it. It was only a question of time).

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