Squirming? You soon will be....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Grey_Mafia65, Jul 8, 2013.

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  1. This even made me wince!

    30 South African Men Killed in Ritual Circumcision

  2. Sub-Saharan Africa, nuff said.
  3. That's some fucking ritual. Where i'm from, the rite of passage was to get loads of beer down your neck, eat a hot curry and shag a gronk. These blokes are nails.
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  4. Mumsnet'll be chuffed to NAAFI-breaks.
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  5. It's a bloody rip-off...ouch
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  6. You don't want to know man!
    I've seen some things, and some stuff man!
  7. Insert joke about BBQ's in Hull here ->
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  8. Teenagers from ethnic Xhosa, Sotho and Ndebele groups typically spend around a month in secluded bush or mountains areas for their initiation to manhood.

    This includes a circumcision as well as lessons on masculine courage and discipline.

    I'm glad I settled for basic training, four and a half months of beasting from the cpls and PTIs, plus lessons in heavy drinking and chasing women. Four months of riots, bombs and shootings in west Belfast took care of the rest.

    The only people I allowed near my bits were willing women - not some jumped up witch doctor with a rusty knife. But of course if it involves people of a different colour or religion it's a "cultural" thing...

    ...so that's all right then and us white middle class blokes aren't allowed to criticise it.

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  9. Was going to write something else, but WTF, usual cunts and usual casual rasicm, wgaf
  10. Quite right Rodney. As a white middle class bloke (and probably middle aged) you are considered by some to be racist, homophobic, almost certainly a potential rapist and possibly even a pedophile.
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  11. None of which in his case would be incorrect! You play your game we can all play our own!
  12. I resent that...I have never EVER been in one of the things...


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  13. Easily explained by the bush surgeons: "If yo cock don roatarf an kill yo, den yo mandem"
  14. They should have gone BUPA......