I have literally just been given a pair of reading glasses, which I only use for computers, as they make the text slightly sharper, which helps with my reading speed slightly.

Therefore this suggests I should fill in a medical form relating to eyesight that was included in my bundle, in which they ask a huge range of questions.

I emailed it through to my optician, who just called me:

- I have excellent vision in my eyes without glasses (I can read a couple of lines from the bottom with both eyes)

- I do have a very slight squint - can't remember the technical name

- I mentioned to him off-the-cuff that if I'm extremely tired and something is very close to my face it can go slightly double, but this is very rare - and I shoot with one eye closed anyway

I am pretty concerned, as the literature suggests that double vision is a permanently unsuitable condition.

But this happens so rarely, and only when something is very close to my face – I won our junior school rifle trophy and shoot with one eye closed regardless, not that it was ever an issue with both open.

The thing that is frustrating is that this isn’t something that they can even test for – I mentioned it in confidence during our meeting and now he says he is obliged to write it down. If I had said nothing, it wouldn’t be mentioned.

- Is this really likely to be an issue? Are they going to write me off with excellent eyesight as soon as they see that word, no matter how rarely it appears?

- As they only ask for the form if I wear glasses – and I get by fine without them – surely I can just not wear them to any interviews and it won’t come up?

I very much prefer to be straight with people in all my dealings, but if I can easily avoid a situation by not wearing glasses, which I could have avoided in the first place by not saying anything – to let something that has never been an issue for me become one, then I will.

Your advice would be appreciated.

P-Ride said:
Loads of questions
I have a prism - a slight up/down issue, as opposed to the left/right squint, that makes it slightly more difficult for me to focus through binos. It was never a problem and I am still P2 for eyesight (I am also very short-sighted in one eye without my specs - although it was better in the Stone Age when I joined up).

Would probably be an issue if you want to go flying though, and also SF.

As a number of these threads have degenerated into slagging matches about integrity, I would man up about it and say that you have been given glasses for long spells of reading / computer work as you are slightly longsighted, but you don't normally wear them.

The military system also takes a proper civvy opticians prescription and throws most of the info away when they put it on to the computers.

And having seen R-M's post - you could always try praying for better eyesight!
Flying isn't something I've considered and I don't think I'd be in long enough to do SF (planning 3-5 years).

It's not the glasses prescription I'm worried about, as it is very minor - my friends joked that my glasses seem to do nothing when you put them on.

My concern is them seeing the words 'double vision', even if they are in context of the words 'rarely' and 'slight' and seeing it as a blanket ban, as if 'violent sex offender' was on the form.

Like I said, I could walk into another opticians tomorrow and get him to test me, say nothing - and all he would put me down for is a very slight squint and excellent eyesight.

I hope they at least talk to me about it, rather than just drawing a line.
i have a sort of squint... but i got my optition to do my form, straight after my eye exam. he said "its not a proper squint, so i'll tick no"... if its not a proper squint you should be alright
Dionysus said:
i have a sort of squint... but i got my optition to do my form, straight after my eye exam. he said "its not a proper squint, so i'll tick no"... if its not a proper squint you should be alright
Unfortunately I was not given this option. I can't ask the guy to be dishonest, I do have some form of squint - but it's very minor.

It is irritating to have this technical stuff come up, when my vision really doesn't cause me any issues and seems quite alright.

It is tempting to just ignore the paperwork, or see another optician to get another response - but I really don't want to be dishonest about my application, it's not the right way to do things.

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