Squeaky Shoes - Remedy Needed

Discussion in 'DIY' started by Stonker, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. I bought the shoes in the photo last August, for general purpose outdoorsy type things like gardening, and walking and such.

    Recently the left shoe has started squeaking with every step : makes it practically impossible to sneak up on anyone (did I mention he duct tape and the van?), and it generally irritates the bejeezus out of me

    I think it is friction between the outsole and the midsole as the shoe reaches the point of maximum flex, and I haven't a scooby how to stop it.

    Bloke at my local Timpsons can't help.

    Over to the collective consciousness that is ArRSe.

  2. Give them a good dose of WD39 .
  3. Stop being a fanny?
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  4. try fcking polishing them- you scruffy cnut !!
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  5. H3

    H3 LE

    Glad you posted this as I have a similar problem with my new Nike running shoes ... apparently their all the rage with RM types :0)

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  6. Shes squeak until they are paid for, so cough up then.
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  7. Hop on your right foot only!!!

    Try neets foot oil to lubricate the leather and the area of the squeek.

    And as stated clean them (or get your man to clean them), polish also treats the leather as well as making them look smart.
  8. or try this pair!!

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  9. They are made of oiled leather - they're not polish-able. One of the reasons I chose 'em. :-D
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  10. ya ya -try that on on the rsm at your next parade !!
  11. Walk on your hands
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  12. Do they have air soles ( careful how you pronounce that)? Doc Martens boots with the air cushioned soles would sometimes get a puncture and make a squeaking noise. Not cool when you're about to have a tear up with the rival 'firm' and your bovver boots are squealing like a budgie with haemorrhoids....er...laying an egg.

    I understand the thing to do was to locate the puncture and seal it with a soldering iron.
  13. The spine is broken in the instep. They're fúcked.
  14. Serious answer; try a little neatsfoot oil on the inside of the shoe arounds the area of the squeek.

    If you have not got any, let me know the next time you are in MK as I have some in the garage with my leather stuff.
  15. If it is not leather rubbing against leather, then this is properly the problem.

    Take them back to the shop NOT FIT FOR PURPOSE.